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Ford Mondeo 51 Plate Tddi Mk3 Battery Draining, Relay 7 Interior Very Hot

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Hi got a car in, Relay 7 is on 24 hours, the relay is the ignition Auxiliary Circuits Relay,

Its using a small amount around 150mA - 300mA all night after a couple of days the battery is dead.

1 New battery already fitted, tested it last night when i had a power cut with my twin High beam torches (twin car spot lights off a rally car) on for five hours battery dropped to 12.1Volts. it had just come off charge, so started at 13. somthing volts, needed a charge by the time the power was back on.

2 Take out fuse 2 and it turns off,

3 Relay 7 is red hot, so have changed it for a new one, still staying on with car locked and open.

4 Voltage when running 14.3 Volts 14.1 Volts with high beams and stuff on. Aultanator giving out good Amperage and voltage.

Battery at 12.3 volts after it has been standing for a while.

can anyone tell me if this relay the top right relay on the interior fuse box should be on even when the car is locked and the key is out of the car.

Heres the story,

Customer has brought the car to me, said it has a fuel pump problem as it wont start, hes just bought a new battery etc,

I charged the battery with my 16amp charger and used my good battery from my mondeo, my battery went flat while trying to turn it over,

found that some idiot had crossed the glow plugs when he replaced three, so changed the other one and rethreaded the holes then inserted the plugs.

Car started... thought it was all sorted but she said it was intermitant so keep the car for the week to see if it did it again.

car was fine for two days started it a few times a day, drove it round all day yesterday, took the kids to school etc.

this morning Battery dead, not starting sot even turning over, I changed the battery and it started no problem.

Tested drain on the battery with a amp meter, and its drawing 200mA not much, locked the car and 800mA, then it droped to 150-160mA,

thats all it must have a drain somewhere, Checked all the relays and relay 7 it red hot, swapped it for a relay out of my petrol car, Same part number, that relay clicked and stayed on,

Now auto data states the relay has a 12 power supply direct from the battery through fuse 7. I took fuse 7 out and the relay is still on, take out fuse 2 and it goes off,

sorry to shout but does ANYONE have a clue.......

I am baffeled,

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Please look at http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/33271-tddi-mondeo-mk3-not-starting-glow-plug-light-flashing-there-must-be-an-answer/

Well battery not going flat anymore as such.

One of the many relays behind the glove box. Just went down to the scrap yard and grabbed the lot.

been driving it for three days now. this morning cranking fine, glow plug light was on for a very short time then flashed after i started to turn the key.

checked under the bonnet nice 12.4 volts across the battery thought it might be flat again but turning the car so, connected the heavy duty booster pack and still nothing. however the voltage dropped to just under 12 volts when the glow plugs were running. as soon as the clicked off it was back to 12.3. i tested with the booster on and it was a little higher like 12.5 dropping to 12.1 12.2

By the way my booster pack is a 069 battery that is used for jumping all the time with 4AWG arctic gold cable High ampage cable.

checked the voltage at the glow plugs, and there only showing 10 volts climbing to about 10.8 volts then cutting after the normal time, there staying on after the engine starts which is normal i beleve. so connected the booster to the glow plugs and engine earth and took it off after around 4-6 seconds eg got them hot,

Ran round and turned the key and brum it started, no problems no issues,

Have started a new topic for this please dont post in this one.

BTW battery drain was down to one of the many relays, I changed all the relays behind the dash and the drain is now down to 100 mA dropping off after a long while to 10 mA

Is there a common fault with this curcuit or a faulty resister or is it a diode. please advise.

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