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Intermittant Injection Pump Fault


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I have owned a Mondeo zetec tdci for the past 5 years. The car is an amazing drive and has accumulated in excess of 170,000 miles on the clock. Apart from the usual wear and tear problems she has given me very few problems.

Recently, she has an intermittant problem, which even a diagnostic cannot pinpoint. I am told that the fault needs to happen whilst it is attached to the machine. Because this is intermittant fault, well you see the problem I have.

The problem is ....

I start the car with no problem, each and every time. I drive and before the car has reached temperature, she will on occassion, just stop. There is no warning to indicate when this will happen.

All lights go out and the glow plug light will flash.

Restarting her can be instantaneous or I might have to wait for up to ten minutes. Once this has happened, driving her is no problem. It will not happen at all for the duration of the journey.

This stopping, might happen every day for a week or two and then everything could be fine for several weeks.

I have been given all sorts of 'solutions' the most recent of which is the injector pump. I do not really want to go to the expense of a new one, the mechanic has said that there might be a more cost efffective solution. He feels that the problem could be something as simple as a circuit weld.

If anyone has encountered this problem and found a solution, or knows someone who could help. Please help.

I thank you all in advance, I want to continue driving this car and not see it on the scrap pile.

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hi, the early mondeo's did have a problem with the camshaft position sensors which didn't always leave a fault code. I think the old type sensor was grey and the newer type was black. The sensor is fitted to the engine at the front in the middle and has a 3pin connector onto it. Take a look at it and see if its grey, if it is ring up ur local dealer and see if they stock them and what colour they are. If its a different colour to your's it maybe worth a shot.

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