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Tddi Mondeo Mk3 Not Starting Glow Plug Light Flashing, There Must Be An Answer

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Thought considering i have sorted the flat battery issue i would try and solve the last bit. and have re listed to change the heading.

The car:

51 plate Mk3 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDDI,

Original fault now sorted, battery draining over night. bad relay. See other post http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/33214-ford-mondeo-51-plate-tddi-mk3-battery-draining-relay-7-interior-very-hot/

New Problem

Well battery not going flat anymore as such.

been driving it for three days now. this morning cranking fine, glow plug light was on for a very short time then flashed after i started to turn the engine over.

checked under the bonnet nice 12.4 volts across the battery after two attempts at starting and being a hot day I used the full open option.

Thought it might be flat again but turning the engine over with full force, connected the heavy duty booster pack and still nothing. however the voltage dropped to just under 12 volts when the glow plugs were running. as soon as the clicked off it was back to 12.3. i tested with the booster on and it was a little higher like 12.5 dropping to 12.1 12.2 still the same turning force

By the way my booster pack is a 069 battery that is used for jumping all the time and it has just been on a charge yesterday with 4AWG arctic gold cable High ampage cable.

Checked the voltage at the glow plugs, and there only showing 10 volts climbing to about 10.8 volts then cutting after the normal time, there staying on after the engine is being cranked. so connected the booster to the glow plugs and engine earth and took it off after around 4-6 seconds eg got them hot,

Ran round and turned the key and brum it started, no problems no issues,

There is one other issue that may be related its holding back just a little if you try to drive idling at 3000 rpm, its fine below and above this, i think this may be the engine temperature sensor from other posts but have not yet been able to check this.

Is there a common fault with this curcuit or a faulty resister or is it a diode. please advise.

By the way had it on the new snap-on solus pro and the only faults were the dashboard fault of low battery this has been cleared and has not come back.

Please help me find this fault two weeks now.

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Okay the car even though it started this morning after glowing the plugs for five seconds i turned the engine off after 10 minutes or so.

Update went out to start it same problem glow plug flashing tryed the same thing again and now it wont start even with the plugs heated up.

Checked the plugs the other day, I took two new ones out and tested them and one old one out and tested that that was faulty so swapped it for a new one. number two glow plug has been changed by a vauxhall fitter and was new, it was cross threaded into the head and wont come out so checked the resistance, it is at 4 ohms the same as all the others.

I am seriously getting hacked off the car runs fine for three days then bang nothing and by the looks of it there is a common fault with the ford diesel engines. but every listing i have read is eather not related as the car cuts out after time or the fault has been fixed then goes wrong again after a few more days.

Some ford guy must have some answer as to why fords are no longer good as diesels.

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Hi Falcon II!

Have you figured out what was causing the glow plug flashing problem?

Now that I have the same issue with a 2001 Mondeo 2.0 TDDI, I am having some huge trouble fixing it. It all happens when the glow plug light is starting to flash, the engine cuts out and it doesn't start again until it keeps flashing. I get the same P0335 and P1608 codes every time after the flashing light. The battery is also draining, I haven't figured out the cause of that either. All I know is that there is a short somewhere on the F2 Ignition Relay circuit, as I pulled the F2 fuse, the short has disappeared. Did you replace the K41 Ignition Relay or the K115 battery Saver Relay?

What about the flashing glow plug light, have you actually found the cause of it?

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

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