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Mk2 Mondeo - Rough Idle - Juddery @ 2250-2750 Rpm

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out. The problem is with my Mk2 Mondeo which is a P plate and has 133,000 miles on the clock.


  • It had its MOT in February where the catalytic converter, lamda (?) sensor (screws into downpipe), leads and coil pack were replaced.
  • It failed on the cat, but when replaced the C02 was down but the hydrocarbons were not, so the garage replaced the leads and coil pack.
  • This got it through the MOT

Interim Period

  • Since the MOT the idle when warm has been rough.
  • I have since replaced the plugs but it made no diffeence.
  • I have disconnected the battery lead for 2 hours to reset the ECU. It made no difference.
  • Someone suggested putting a small amout of grease on the tip of the plugs (not the bit in the engine!) I have done this and it has made no difference.
  • I noticed the garage only replaced 2 of the 4 bolts in the coil pack, I have replaced the missing ones but it made no difference.
  • The idle has only been rough since the work was carried out.
  • I did go back to the garage but they just said bring it back as they though it might be an air leak.
  • I have checked but cannot find an air leak (not too sure what they were on about and to be honest I was not convinced and why suddenly do they think there is an air leak?)

Other Issue

  • When the revs reach 2250 there is a juddering which clears at 2750. It is worse in the higher gears as the lower gears go through the range quicker.
  • Is this connected?

Any help would be much appreciated as I am running out of ideas.

Thank you.

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