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Mondeo Mk3 Tdci

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ive just bought a ford mondeo tdci on a 53 plate with 183k on the clock the car drives spot on

the only bad point is the aux belt tensioner hasnt been done at 156k like it should have so it idles like a tractor ive looked around the web and the only prices ive found so far are £185 eBay and ford dealer £...... i wont bother telling you what they qouted lol.

I know this is a common fault so just wanted to ask around if anyone knew of anywhere selling cheaper or if they just changed bits of the kit?



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Google them or eBay, I believe there are a few aftermarket kits around to do the job. I always recommend that the aux belt and tensioner are changed and also the crank pulley. From what i remember the root cause of this fault is the crank pulley exciting the aux belt and causing it to vibrate.

hope this helps

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