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Old Ford

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Is it just me but I'd love a ford probe or cougar or puma , really liked them when I was a kid. Never really seen them for sale anyone aware of rough prices for these

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There are quite a few around here. We had a Puma until a year ago. You can get a good Puma for about £1000. Similar for a Cougar. I wouldnt bother with the Probe. There are very few and I have never seen a good one.

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That brings back memories. When I was a kid I always wanted a Probe. Had to be in purple though! That was a long time ago and I hate them now, not sure what I ever saw in them.

Had a Puma a couple of years ago and it was the worst car I ever owned! Sold it for just under a grand .

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The rear arches are a pain for rust on the Puma, but there are some good ones out there where some people had the foresight to waxoil inside the wheel arch liner and the floor around the seals. Also if you do go for a Puma, the 1.7 is a great engine. Ours was on 140k miles and still went like a rocket.

I never had a Cougar but always fancied one.

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