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How Do I Get My New Screen Clean?

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Aye, I know it's daft but I've recently had a new windscreen fitted and I can't get the inside clean.

I've tried household glass/window cleaner, car screen wipes, a microfiber gadget on a stick that makes good contact with the glass but "no".

The inside still seems to have some kind of smearing on it.

I've sprayed, wiped, rubbed and polished and I certainly know how to clean stuff cos I've been in the army y'know! TWICE !!! :ph34r:

Does Autoglass use some kind of 2nd rate "oily" glass that can't be cleaned?

I've used Rain-X, Astonish and Good Year Anti Smear "ha!" :wacko: Screen wipes.

All to no avail. :mellow:


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Go old school - white vinegar and clean with newspaper. If you have a steam cleaner, that's also an option.

If you're using Rain-X style products on the inside, that's the root of your problem...

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Ty but this was rain X glass cleaner, not the rain repellant.

I'll see if my neighbour has some.

Don't want to buy a whole bottle, just for one job. :rolleyes:

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AutoGlym Car Glass Polish.... I use it and it dries like normal polish then you buff it off... so absorbs oily stuff..

Thank you.

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