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Mk2.5 Focus 1.8 TDCi Diesel - problems problems...

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Hi all,

I guess if you are reading this you already own a Ford focus. Hard luck. I will never buy one again as I consider I was driving a dangerous, substandard car, sold in my experience by an uncaring substandard manufacturer with a substandard dealership that is so low it is practically at the Earth’s core.

Sadly I had to learn this from experience of buying a £15k 58 plate Titanium focus last October. The car itself has a very poor gear ratio it seems, lagging dreadfully in second gear and creating an unstable driving experience. I almost had an accident on a r/b when pulling out - pull away in first and then when changing into second the car just plods along as if you are in the wrong gear - so in an effort to get it to move you put your foot down (as panic begins to set it with oncoming cars bearing down on you). and this causes you to hurtle at unnerving speeds straight ahead towards the edge of the r/b because the car’s engine finally kicks in and I barely got the car under control.

And what did the Ford dealership say - driver error. I have been a driver since 1984 and a Ford owner for teh last 16 years - I know how to drive a car - and this latest example is a death trap, IMO. Ford service were no help - they found no problem … officially. Unofficially they reckon they have felt a delay and Ford Technical put it down to possibly a high gear ratio. Unofficially.

What did the dealership say about it? The sales girl said that it was nothing to do with her because she is sales and referred me to the Service manager, who said he could find nothing wrong and referred me to the Sales Manager, who then referred me to Ford customer relationship centre, who referred me to the Service manager, who referred me to the Sales manager, who then couldn't even be bothered to return my calls - even after 4 phone calls to him. This took place over a period of weeks.

Ford Customer Relationship centre - I am still not sure just what they were supposed to be doing - they too seem to ignore calling me back for several times. Eventually they wrote to me advising me that they were to close their case on me as the dealership could find "no problem" ... officially. This is despite me still having the problem. So I am not entitled to a refund, a replacement car or anything. And that seems to bear out Ford - the typical view held by many - they appear totally uninterested in solving customers problems especially if it looks like you have found a flaw in their car's design.

This dealership at Swindon has been at best equivalent to the 1970's. They are certainly not a 21st century dealership that’s for sure. The word Customer and Service don’t seem to be in their culture. They are very clever though - they appear to use misdirection and ignorance to good effect.

I will certainly never again buy a car from them again, I will never buy a Ford car again and I will never buy a brand new car again (it seems you have less 'practical' rights than you do a second hand one as Ford have supposedly a no quibble 30 day exchange on a Ford Direct used car. Buy the more expensive brand new car ... and you get a full quibble warranty - GUARANTEED it seems. This it seems to apply to most manufacturers I think.

My advice - go look at VW Golf. I did, and I am totally happy with my purchase. The engine quality is far superior than the Ford IMO. It sounds better, it has better build quailty, it delivers power better and provides a much smoother, more comfortable driving experience. IMO. And its safe!

The ford sounds awful (the engine sounds like it came from an old Transit), has poor sound proofing, the black windows obscure your vision so you cant see properly out of them and the doors sound tinny. It's like a Mickey Mouse car in comparison.

After 16 years being a Ford driver, Ford and their dealership completely destroyed my brand loyalty . I will never buy a Ford car again.

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sounds like you got a lemon.

my dads focus is a 1.8tdci and it can shift. with 36k miles on it, still drives like new. im considering buying one next as i reckon its a very good car. and as for the noise level, its not bad in my dads one, can barely hear it at idle.

again sounds like you got a duff, customer service isnt any better either by the sound of it.

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I got a 57 plat this weekend.. I too think the gear ratio for the 2nd gear is off its too slow but thats just the way the car is.. the lag your talking about I think is just the turbo kicking in. I think you would just get used to it I just use first a bit longer.

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We have a mk2 2.0 tdci titanium and baught it from new the 1st one that we had the engine blew up after 20 miles on the way back home from picking up from the garage. (LONG STORY) the one we have now was the replacement we go, but still gives us trouble now and again, its jirky at slow speeds sometimes, doesnt like to start sometimes (not offten) think the egr valve needs replacing already! give me mk1.5 anyday!!!!

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yeh i find it quite amazing that in this day and age, and with the competition out there that you came across such a shabby dealership. Not only that it seems your luck sucked when it came to buying your car. I'm on my 3rd new Ford in 3 years and have hardly a single complaint about either of them, i didn't consider myself lucky i presumed all Fords were quality like mine...hmmm

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It's like a Mickey Mouse car in comparison.

After 16 years being a Ford driver...

Really it took you 16 years to work that out ;-) Have you not been in any other cars in that time? To me the difference in quality is clear after 5 min's of being in a ford.

I brought my 04 tddi becuase I wanted a pre-common rail diesel estate with no DMF that was cheap to run and repair - and it seems to tick all those boxes, but I'd never describe it as a nice to drive or a nice place to be (but if all goes well I'll be quids in at my £25K annual mileage, if it doesn't go well the max I loose is £2.5K - an equvalent w203 C-class merc would have been twice that, decent enginnering and, a better attempt at, customer service costs).

Your experince reminds of a renault 19 TD pool car we had a while back (remember there are cars worse than fords), turbo lag was horrendous - several times the turbo would kick-in as you reached for the 1st-> 2nd change. As a result you'd get thrown back in your seat at the same time as the engine shifted on it's mounts and moved the gear lever away from you, totally missed the lever more than once, when getting used to it.

I'll get my coat...

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