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Ford Sticker?

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Since joining the club and paying my fee I've received no letter, sticker or out. I'm I due to receive out.. Sure I read that I was. At least a confirmation letter..

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First of all, Welcome to FOC. We send out club stickers once a month. According to our records, you joined this time last week. So please allow 28 days before you hear anything.

If you don't hear anything, let me know and i will look into it.

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Is it just the one sticker you get guys?

yes just the one,

but i requested two before when i paid my subscription and i recieved two for both tear windows

im not sure if they will still send out more than one on request though


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Lenny leave that hand pointer on the back it might start a new trend.


maybe get a shocker one instead to point at both the diesel and the club decal


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Naughty boy. ;)

Family of 3?

Two in the front and one in the back?

in a game of snooker going for the pink,

slipped straight past it

and potted the brown


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If the red's in front of the pink always pot the brown instead. ;)

This thread has single handidly made my night..

How very crude of you!

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