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Bang When Changing Gears


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i have a 1999 mondeo st24. i have just replaced the drivers front wheel bearing and wishbone. whilst replacing these the drive shaft was removed.

after putting it back together ive just took for a drive and there is an alarming bang when releasing clutch after changing gear. also just jacked up the car and the wheel seems to jam after a couple of revolutions. if i turn it back a bit it will release and spin a couple more revolutions before jamming again.

what the hell have i done wrong? im moments off scrapping the car.

any help would be appreciated. cheers john

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mm is the drive shaft located in gearbox properly or one of the bearings come off on the inner cv joint ?? regards pete

yeah mate thats all fine. if i take the driveshaft out and turn the hub on the gearbox by hand it still jams.

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