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Help Figuring This One Out Please.


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Hi first off i have a 2006 ford mondeo tdci 115ps. The main problem is i need a new actuator and wanted to know my part number is correct for my car as i have heard stories of people putting wrong electronic actuators on these if there cheaper, and the car didn't come from the most honest looking bloke lol. Secondly the reason i think im replacing it is because the veins on the turbo where clogged up badly, sticking near closing point. So i took the turbo off, took it apart gave it one hell of a clean put it together back on moved freely with no sticking at all. 3 weeks later its all gunked up again. The egr seem to get badly gunked up quickly as-well. i have had three injectors replaced already and the forth was leaking back slightly if this may have anything to do with it. Just in case i took the car for a ride with live data on fordmidable, and the fuel pressure never went above 1590 bar at very high revs and under load. could it be glow plugs are no good and the starting without heating could eventually cause this clogging with unburnt fuel until car is hot enough. I'm asking this because i don't want to spend £200 on a actuator and have it burn out again because of the turbo veins getting gunked up. Could it even be oil seals leaking slightly i did not see much evidence on turbo to support this theory but i don't know would even the smallest leak from seals cause this. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

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