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Help With Mk3 Mondeo Fault...


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hi im new to this site and have just bought myself a 2005 mondeo 2.0 tdci 130bhp euro 4..

unfortunately i have only had the car a week and have had a engine management light come on today (20/8/12).

got plugged in with a local garage who came up with the fault comes P0405 and P0401.

car doesnt seem to drive any different that i have noticed.can anyone help steer me in the right direction as to what this fault may be and how to rectify it and also if there is any easy way to reset the management light without having to return to the garage..

any help would be great..

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Sounds like an EGR valve problem - probably all clogged up!

You can buy code readers relatively cheaply for powertrain/engine management codes, which also reset them.

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a mate of mine was the one who read the fault codes with a lanch scanner or something..would this possibly make the car tick over a little rumbly like something was vibrating...

have you come across this problem before

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The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recitculation) Valve is fitted to decrease pollution from your car by recirculating a certain amount of the exhaust gases back into the inlet to re-burn them.

Because the valve operates on the exhaust system, in diesels it's quite common for them to soot up, either constantly open or constantly shut. Either way at some point it's liable to trip the CEL (check engine light) as one of the other sensors maybe reading outside its set parameters. Such as too much unburnt fuel in the exhaust.

I think the first thing to try is cleaning it, but if I remember correctly its often cheaper, easier and less dirty to just buy a new one.

On my MK2 TD Mondeo I blocked mine off and noticed quite some gains in performance.

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If its the egr valve, providing it just needs cleaned its very easy to do. It's very accessible - at the front left of the engine as you look at it.

A bit of carb cleaner, diesel, paraffin or whatever you have. I find a little pick tool or small screwdriver quite useful.

I do mine once a year, but this year I'm doing the inlet manifold too. Doing it often enough means I won't have bother with it restricting air flow or causing other running issues.

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