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Quad Exhaust Unusuall Problem


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hey guys i currantly have quad exhaust system on my car picture below


now for some reason the tail pipe to the far right all ways seems to be covered in black carbon deposits on the out lip where as the other 3 stay fairly clean just wondering if anyone else has had this happen on them and could anyone recommed me good exhaust cleaner? cheers liam

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Could it be because that pipe is pushing out at a lower pressure than the other three?

Which is closest to the box?

Start the car and put your palm on each in turn so as to gauge if they are equal pressure.

Make sure the pipes are not too hot to touch first.

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sounds normal to me i used to use some petrol to clean it up though a metal polish would be better 1pipes the main the others just branch off and have lower pressure the other pipes dont do much mainly they are just for show the exhaust gas will take the most direct route thats your pipe that needs cleaned little comes out the others so they are clean

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I recently had a full longlife system fitted to my focus, it has a single pipe so not as extravagent as the ones above but it was £299 for the full system (this comes with a choice of either a 2.5" rolled in / out or a 1.5" rolled in or out) personally i thought that would look stupid so i paid extra for a 3" oval (should have been an extra £45 but i managed to get a dropped one (slight ding on the back but its out of sight under the bumper) for a tenner.


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As I say it may well be that as the far right one is the farthest from the box it may not be getting enough pressure to blow all the deposits clear.

+1 i agree with Clive 100%

You should see mine in the Diesel :lol: stay clean for 3 days if im lucky,

Ive used many products on my duplex,

Most effective ive found was MucOff bottle of pink liquid,

I also use a steam cleaner.

Heres a picture of my pipes today lol



Should look like this when clean:


People be like " Damn that ST burns alot of oil" lol

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Hi, what exhaust is that and how much was it ? cheers

Mines a Piper Exhaust,

Purchased off the shelf from ZenSport for 400 with choice of tips,

Goes from cat back built from T304 Aircraft Stainless Steel

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Yeah they look good but i dont really want to spend 400 lol is there any cheap tail pipes or anything off the shelf only want it to look good in the diffuser ?

your best bet is a 2nd hand one of ebay

there is a guy selling his ST tail pipes on another forum


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You could always go to SparesWorld and get a Stateside cherry bomb for £39 a side..........

Ultimately you get what you pay for. Yes stainless steel systems are expensive but most will come with a lifetime guarantee and probably outlive the car, when you take that into consideration its not that expensive in the long run.

I bought mine after my rear box and tailpipe had an advisory on the MOT due to rot.

Ford wanted £192 for the centre section (pipe to rear box by fuel tank) and £66 for 12" of pipe to go from the tank to the bumper.

Thats £258 before fitting...... £299 for my system fitted doesn't seem that steep now.

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