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Glowplug Light - Again....!


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Firstly, sorry, I know there are a few of these posts about this topic, but there always seems to be a slightly different situation and slightly different solution, so wanted to know if anyone has had the same as me...

the glowplug light started a few weeks ago, sometimes the glowplug light would come on when starting up, a few seconds after. This was intermittent and seemed to be more when the engine had been left a bit, rather than 'cold'. However it's become worse and now does it every time I start up. If i drive for a few minutes and restart it's fine. However once or twice it has happened when shifting into higher gears on the road.

Obviously this needs to be sorted but as I'm skint I need to work my way from the cheapest option up (gulp).

when I bought the car the guy said a couple of turbo pipes had split and he'd replaced them - after learning a bit more about this chap I'm not sure if this actually happened, so could a split pipe cause this to happen as it does?

Also underneath the car near the front there is a pipe that goes into another pipe that looks 'corrugated', something to do with steering?? That seems to have some oil coming through it.

As you can tell I know little about these cars, so any help would be appreciated.

I guess a diagnostic tool would be a good plan - I've seen some on ebay for about £20, or would going to a local garage and paying £30 be a better bet?


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As if my post wasn't long enough, I should add that there is no ECU light, and there is no smoke, though the engine does sound 'muddy' for a second or two on start up - a bit chuggy.

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