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Update On Not Happy With My New Car


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Update on my recent thread regarding engine management light coming.

Just had a local mobile mechanic around to hook the car up to a diagnostic reader and it came up with Faulty EGR flow.

As previously stated the car went in for a faulty actuator, wasn't to concerned at the time because the car was still under warranty.

The garage was reluctant to change it because of the cost?

Finally they rang me and told me that they had replaced the actuator with a reconditioned one, after keeping the car for a week.

What they didn’t tell was they had blocked of the EGR also.

Every thing was just fine until a week later when engine management came on

That when i found out that they had blankied off the EGR valve.

I’m confused why the needed to block the EGR off after replacing the actuator.

If i have to replace the EGR will it need recoding in to system or can i just swop it over with another one?

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