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Does Your Car Hit Redline Easy


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If you're revving to redine in 4th you're kicking the speed limit a bit.

I drive my work car to the redline sometimes but only when on a blue light run.

Generally if you get to the redline you get a red change up arrow on the dash.

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Hi Stoney. Thanks for your reply. I only asked because I beleive and from my own experience that once a week I take my car to redline in fourth and keep it there for a few seconds to clear the exhaust of crap. OK my car has one of those DPF's (but not for long ;) ). Me thinks the 140 horse Mk4 Mondeo's are underpowered at the top 1/3 of the rev range.

So come on folks. Does anyone else have probs with reaching red line in fourth, or any other gear for that matter????????

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Purely as a technical matter, and not a political one - with those not driving on autobhans, on a race track or with little blue lights on their roofs (because the "temporary" 1967 speed limit is a political matter, not a technical one ) -

Your TDCI is a diesel, not a petrol car, peak power is at 3500rpm (3514, to be exact) revving it past this is literally a waste of time, revving it to the redline may give the illusion of speed/ acceleration, but your car will accelerate/ go faster if you change up at 3500, it has a bit of power between 3500 and 4000 (but less than 3500) then it "drops off" drametically above 4k,

when you change up at 3500 the revs should (just about) drop into the peak torque (peak torque is at 2400 - 2391 to be exact)

if you are accustomed to a petrol car engine, it feels strange and its easy to over-rev the diesel, trying to get more power out of it that isnt there- i've driven a diesel a long time now (after having petrol cars before) and i still do it

the other thing is it >seems< slow(er) to change up at 3500 - but you will be going (deceptively) quicker - you should get better economy too, as well as your engine will last longer

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