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Mk4 Mondeo Usb Port!!!

scousey boy

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Im in search of the loom that plugs into the blanked of plug i have behind my glove box to convert it into a USB socket. I have herd lots of talk about it on here and other places but when i visited my local fords parts they had no idea what i was talking about! Apprently i costs around the £2.70 mark so for that price i think its well worth a try.

So what i really need is a part number?

Any help with this would be much appreciated, Thank you.

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The USB plug should be part of the standard wiring loom and as such located behind the glove box.

You should find the USB plug neatly plugged into a blanked point on the side of the glove box, cut out the blank clip in the USB and attach the plug which is available from Ford.

Indeed the USB socket should be £2.70


Depending on if your car was built before or after 08/2008 depends on the design of the plug-

Before 08/2008


After 08/2008


Info courtesy of- http://www.talkford....trofitting-usb/

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Cheers for the help mate, unfortunately I haven't even got the blanked of plug behind the glove box!

So now I know that's not possible, is there anyway I can connect my iPhone/iPod through the aux jack input and be able to control it from my head unit??

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You can get an aux cable here:


There is a port in the glovebox to plug it in, select aux on the stereo and you should be able to hear you ipod thru the Speakers ok. I use it with my mp3 player however you still need to control the music with the mp3/ipod. Hope that helps.

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I don't get any noise but I did fit my aux cable with ferrite cores to cut engine interference.

They sell loads on eBay quite cheaply.

That adaptor is handy in that you can connect with an aux cable or via a blank radio channel if you don't have an aux fitted.

The app is free from the app store.

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