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Overheating 2002 Mondeo


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I am at the end of my tether with this....had problems with overheating under load, even going up a hill caused water loss and overheating, Rad blew last year so that was changed, then over the last two months, changed water pump, no effect, still overheating, then changed thermostat and problem went UNTIL!

I drove to west wales on monday, 100 miles at a good speed, drove aound tues, weds, thurs, fast lanes up and down hills no problems, came back yesterday got 40 miles overheated, water coiming out of header tank, filled up with water, 30 miles same and again 30 odd miles later

i HAVE BEEN THINKING HEAD GASKET BUT, its not consistant and even before the thermostat was changed it was random.

Please can any one shed some light on this before my heads explodes!!!!

when the car overheats and i can stop fast enough, the water is coming out of the vent which is hidden kinda behind and below the filler cap, (my mate pressure tested the water system before we fitted the thermo and pump) theres no sign of water anywhere else,

Another symptom was discovered after my post, I smelt the water tank before going anywhere and could smell petrol, the after a run, when it over heated I could smell exhaust fumes in the header tank, and there was previously a smell of burnt rubber and antifreeze inside the car, which appearantly all points to a head gasket.

I just cant understand why it stopped when the thermo was replaced and then started again, may be coincidence>

Help please or is this just going to be a head gasket and associated head work???


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Before you go and spend loads of money on it, change the expansion tank cap. If its not holding the pressure, the coolant will boil at a lower temperature and it will not circulate properly which will cause hot and cold spots in the system.

I know people that have had new head gaskets fitted for it only to boil over again. Ive then fitted a new cap and its been fine. They wasted £500 to £700 on a job that wasn't required.

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