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Transmission Fault


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last month faulty turbo...this month transmission fault.

on top of everything --long list of serious issues,no help whatsoever from ford etc-

Now as Ive been driving today,transmission fault came up on computer and car went into limp mode.

Stopped car,turned off engine,left for a few mins and seemed to be ok.

Anybody had any similair probs,Im pretty much sick to the back teeth with problems and how no one wants to help paying for the problems.


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mine goes into limp mode on ocassions,mine seems to do this if i give it a bit of a thrash just after starting it.i do what you do and problem seems to go away for a long time.

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have you experienced any other faults..

ive had faulty parking sensors(still)

faulty tyre sensors(still)

faulty cluster

turbo failed-had to buy new one

bonnet pull went faulty

abs lights on dash(still)

anti braking lights on(still)


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The ABS light on the dash may be related to your transmission fault. The ABS issue is usually down to faulty wheel speed sensor or damage to the wiring to that. What it will do is then try to compensate for what it thinks is wheelspin and/or lock-up by affecting the drivetrain.

Please can you explain what you mean by the difference betwene "anti braking lights on" and "abs lights on dash" as surely that's one & the same?

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cheers mare..i will get the abs sensors fixed.

the abs and anti braking light prob is the same-i meant the light which looks like skid marks..(no jokes please..)

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Many thanks for your info,cos strangly enough my battery has been dead a couple of times,therefore this might be due to the alternator.

How did Ford find out this was the problem,just by diagnostics?


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