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Mondeo Grapite Tdci 2.0 Lift Pump And Fuel Cutoff Switch,where Are They?


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Hello this is my first post .Here's a brief introduction, I bought a 2003 mondeo graphite TDci, 2 months ago and have had lots of problems with warning lights, engine cutting out, hard to start, glow plug problems to mention a few.

The main problem i have at the moment is with it not starting on a morning, and flashing glow plug light when driving and then cutting out.

I recently had a mobile mechanic with a diagnostic machine round one morning, he started the car straight away using easy start in the airfilter, he also told me that the fuel pressure was low at the time he started it. I know there are a lot of problems in this area. so i thought i would start by checking the lift pump and the fuel cutoff switch, but i can't find them, going from a hayes manual the pump is next to the fuel tank and the cutoff switch is in the cab on the passenger side, i have followed the pipes from front to back and found niether, can anyone tell me where else they might be?

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fuel cut off switch is behind the passenger front footwell kick trim on the left below glovebox and the fuel lift pump is behind o/s/r or right hand side wheel undersheild to gain acsses to it need to jack car up and take off wheel though

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