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Euro 4 Engine Flashing Glow Plug Light


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hi all.

ill give ya alot of detail about the situation so this will probably be a long essay!!

i have a 2006 ford mondeo 2lt tdci.

a previous taxi car. had 1 previous owner 125k ok the clock. now the engine was changed at 75k miles from a 115 to a 130 (i checked with the garage) the bloke had quite a few problems prior to me buying and i brought cheap as it had flashing g-plug light.

since i brought it i had a new battery, then i stripped the turbo actuator cleaned and re-fitted, then i had all 4 injectors reconditioned, (all of this was done whilst it sat in my garden) finally took it for mot where it passed. on way back it kept going limp home mode, done a leak off test and one of the recon injectors was faulty, sent it back got one on warrentee, put it in had it coded and car didnt run properly straight away with a specific fault codeforthe injector i just replaced. sent it back once again to be told it looks like a faulty repair. another one back and again recode. so injectors been already annoying me!!

car runs fine but every now and again it goes limp home mode or just suddenly cuts out without warning. changed fuel filter (with injectors) with a ford part.

changed leak off pipes, changed crank and cam shaft sensor.

now this has been a long process as its been sitting for 10 months now with being only driven for testing to see if its fixed!

upon test drive today i noticed it drove great for 10 miles then i got a straight and floored it. limp home mode and cut out, started up again(always clears the problem for awile) carried on 2miles later on another straight done the same, started again and it drove me the 7 miles home (not booting it)

so appears to do it whilst flooring or just after, doesnt allways happen. also always P0251 fault code

ALSO!! whilst driving in any gear as i let the engine slow me down it judders quite abit?? same problem?? something else??

ive got to be honest it sounds typical injector fault but its hard to belive as ive spent about £600 on injectors within the last 100 miles!!!

so before i get bombarded with 'INJECTOR FAULT' i would like to know what other possabilitys there are.

my train of thought is:

1) fuel rail pressure sensor

2) turbo actuator playing up

3)damaged wiring

4) faulty injector

5) fuel pump (hoping and praying its not)

if there could be another fault im missing please let me know.

also could someone let me know what simptoms i will get if i.e the fuel rail sensor has actually damaged.

on a brighter note ifsomeone wishes to purchase this car with the fault then i may be interested (although this is not a advert to sell the car if anyone is interested please let me know and ill put up an offical advert for the car ok)

many thanks lee

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