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so really i could buy oil from cash and carry and put straight in ,,,, would it affect the car ???

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the motor will run on it but you will have problems as the fuel pump disagrees with the stuff

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Plenty of people have done something similar, but you do need to do something to keep the oil warm. People that have done the conversion here have two fuel tanks, one with regular fuel and the other with cooking oil. The cooking oil is warmed up somehow with an electric heater (Not really sure on the details) and once it's warmed up they switch to the waste oil tank.

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Technically the problem with the Vegatable oil is the viscosity and the temprature - if it is too cold it gets to thick and can even go solid/ freeze at low temps

It can be mixed with diesel at different concentrations depending on the temprature to thin it out - the lower the temp the greater the amount of diesel to veg oil - or use twin tanks or a heating element, there was a 12v coffee warmer for sale online (quite low cost) that could be used to warm the veg oil

Some cars/ engines/ fuel systems can tolerate and run well on veg oil (in the summer, anyway) the Mondeo (mk3) TDDI and the mk2 TDs had a higher tolerance for different fuels/ viscocity (veg oil) unfortunately the mk3 TDCIs injectors are a bit "soft" as well as being expensive to replace,

50% veg oil, in the summer, should be fine

modern pump diesel already contains 5 - 7% bio diesel (veg oil)

Politically it is legal in the UK as of 2007 to use veg oil for private, personal use, upto 2000 litres, per year, (off the top of my head) you should keep the reciepts - no need to inform the treasury - it was the chancellor of the exchequer that announced it

there was i time when chip shops etc paid for used veg oil to be disposed of, now they get paid for it - it is hard to get (cheap/ free) now due to the laws of supply and demand

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