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Fan/ Mist Washer Jets?

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I know this has been discussed many times but the information is pretty fragmented and I'm yet to find a definitive answer.

I've heard about people using the MK3 Focus washer jets on their MK3 mondeos for the fan spray pattern.

I know about needing to extend part of the wiring to make it fit, but I've heard some reports saying they hit the screen too low and are pretty useless unless you're at a standstill.

Can anybody shed any more light on this please?

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I have done a fitting guide on these fitting to a mk2.5 focus. You can view the guide and all comments by clicking the link in the list below this post.

However I know of two mk3 mondeo owners who fitted the mist jets and were not happy with the results.

Ford also miss priced the jets, they used to be less than 5 pounds for a pair but now are as much as 40 pounds a pair for the same part.

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Yep, the price rocketed as soon as they figured out that it was a popular mod.

You may still be able to get them cheaper from eBay or breakers.

If they are too low some people have figured out that a dob of glue on the bottom of the nozzles helpto raise the aim a bit.

I would assume you mean the wiring for heated nozzles?

Simply splice the wires and extend with your own wire, i'd recommend 15A cable to do the job.

Unheated nozzles-


Heated nozzles-


Don't worry about the nozzles being listed as model specific, all nozzles will fit all models guaranteed.

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Ah yes Lenny, it was your thread I found first I believe!

I had noticed the prices were now higher, rang my local parts dept yesterday, just a touch short of £30 after VAT, Christ.

Thanks for the links, are these accepted as being the best for a mondeo?

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The mist nozzles in my opinion far better than the standard jets.

Better screen coverage and the water clears faster with the wipers.

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Just finished fitting (sort of!)

As time was short I thought I'd leave the wiring modification until a day when I've got a little more time to do a good job of it. Thought I'd run with just the washers for a few days too before taking that step, just in case I decide I don't like them.

First impressions - They're good! They do hit the screen a little low although I've already got an idea to fix that I think.

Couldn't help notice they don't seem to lock into the mounting hole as good as the original Mondeo ones, am I doing something wrong? I literally just pushed them in pretty firmly and hoped that was it.

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