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01 Fuel Pump Problem :(


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hi new here im in a spot of bother.

so my fuel pump packed in, I had shocked the pump with the help of a hammer after it failed to start and it fired right up so i went to the scrappy for a replacement.

fitted the pump ran for two days then stopped dead. Annoying thing is I can hear the pump turning but its not getting any fuel up to the fuel rail, I done my checks for blockages in the line found nothing. put 5lts of fuel to see if the level sensor was reading wrong, not the prob.

I dont know what to check next, could it be the fpr on the rail??

no kinks in the lines etc nothing obvious.

fuel pump relay?? the pump would not turn surely if that was gone?

Any ideas help would be great im sick of dropping that tank

dunno should i try a new pump altogether

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faulty earth maybe.have you tried disconnecting it before the rail to see if its pumping the fuel up ok..just remember to have something to catch the fuel other wise it be toast if catches fire

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