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Ive just bought a 2008 tdci 140 ghia mondeo after having my zetec tdci for 5 years. I think im happy with power (got k&n in too) :) but what can i do to make more oomph. Top end only feels same as zetec and that was 115 model. Dont get me wrong its quickish but i want a bit more witout a chip or remap. Any suggestions guys? Cheers


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The cars that were designated as "115ps" (113Hp) were often a bit more - the 115ps was for German/ EU taxation classes so for example a stock Mk3 TDDI 115 was measured at the Superchips dyno at 127Bhp so its a "political" 115ps

On top of that the mk4 is a bit heavier than the mk3 so that would explain the similar performance

So your new car is actuall approx 10-13 Hp more but about 50kgs heavier (depending on the exact model/s)

A low cost "quick fix" is to disable your EGR by disconnecting one of the wires, a mk4 owner reported better pick up from low revs and better acceleration with this done, the engine management light will come on though (this should not cause any other problems, and can be reset with a code reader)

tuning boxes range from £7 resistor boxes on e-bay to £400+ digital multi-map co-processor devices specifically set up for the exact make model of car, remaps can vary in price/ quality too

A decent tuning box, remap or blufin will give your car a decent, noticable increase in power, some tuners offer a decat, DPF removal (phisically and electronically) and a remap as a package (won't be cheap though)

A stainlass steel sports exhaust system and a larger intercooler would finish it off nicely (- best to do the phisical mods before a custom remap though )

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