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Please Needs Some Massive Help!

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hey guys im after some major advice! i picked up my semi auto 52 plate mondeo 130k on the clock. under 40mph i get a nasty knocking sound. sounds abit like a driveshaft/tappets. sounds really really nasty. i took it to f1 and quick fit both my locals and neither of them could tell me what it is. im hoping that you guys can give me some advice on it? quickfit told me that my engiine was due to blow up any min now. but if i put her in netral and give her some revs there is no noise that is unusual?! if i just creep on the clutch there is no noise either, if there is a tiny and i mean tiny bit of gas there is no noise? over 35/40 it becomes normal and cant complain. any ideas? every now and then my coil light flashes and some times i loose power but not always. coming home i put my foot down and got to 70 in normal time and then it cut out on me? any ideas? when i picked up the car i stopped off and got recovery out to me to see if it was normal. this ended up with a tow home as he could not find any oil. following morning i checked and there was a healthy amount left? this has all really really stummped me. please can some one else have had this problem like me?! many thnaks dan. oh sorry if this is in the wrong section im new to this lol!

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I am not familiar with the semi auto but -

If the noise is not there when you rev it in neutral it will not be the tappets/ camshafts/ crank - it is more likely to be the transmission (eg - dmf/ clutch/ gb)

The dipstick can get covered in oil and it can be hard to read - it can look like it is empty or very high up when it is not

When the coil light flashes it is the ECU warning you something is wrong - not nessesarily with the "coils" (glowplugs) - when you loose power straight after that it is the ECU (engine control unit) protecting the engine, putting it into "limp home mode" if you switch the engine right off and restart it it may reset back to normal

Apart from the DMF(dual mass flywheel), the other common problem is with the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve/ system, which recycles dirty exhaust gasses/ particles back into the inlet, this can (and will) coat the inlet manifold with soot/ gunge, and if the EGR valve sticks open it can cause very bad running and smoke from the exhaust and/ or other problems, it is largely worse than useless on a deisel engine

Best to block the EGR valve with a stainless steel blankig plate, (available online for about a fiver) if you have a euro3 engine it will cause no problems but a euro 4 the EML (engine management light) may come on (it will cause no other problems)

Diesels only have particulates measured for the MOT so a blanked EGR will not cause a fail and may help

Blanking the EGR is inexpensive, may fix (some of) your running problems and the car may run better too

You can get a code reader to read your codes and reset them online for about 25 quid for one that plugs into the car (obd11 port under the steering wheel) and a laptop, (eg - F-super) or others that are handheld (no laptop required) you can use it again and again without extra cost (every time you get a garage to do it they will charge you) once you have the codes it can help diagnose your problems

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Yeah sounds like your releaser bearing on the clutch its a common thing and ford says it normal anyway by putting thicker gearbox will cure this problem and yes take the car to diagnostics

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