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2.5T Tuning Options

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Hi All,

I'm looking at the tuning options for my MK4 Mondeo with the 2.5T engine. I am only really interested in a replacement air filter and a remap. With the remap are there any that are perceived as the best? I'm not chasing big power gains just a smoother power delivey and a little more go as the engine feels a bit asthmatic at the moment. I've looked a Bluefin and I hear Dreamscience do one too. Anyone got any experience of these or any other brands?

Cheers - Chris.

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Ok username UnabdagOdaugh replied this at about 08.15 this morning.

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WTF indeed! The translation is what StanH posted..

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!Removed! spam bots have got in again.

Random crap that just takes up space and is good for nothing.

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The bluefin will give a noticable gain in power, is a "tried and trusted" brand, ~ (one of the 1st remappers) offers decent after - sales service (unlike some remappers) the map can be "reversed" back to stock if required, (eg, if you have a problem with it, or for driving in snow etc) - some remappers dont/cant do this, and you get a handset that works as a fault code reader too

The bluefin is quite expensive though compared to some remappers (£400?, but there is a sale on £320?-Bluefins for turbo cars are more expensive than NA ones) You could probably get a remap from about £170

Im not familiar with the dreamscience - (Bluefins are more popular with Fords)

Aftermarket air filters are a pet hate of mine, in the 70s and 80s, sticking a cone filter (eg- K&N) probably increased the power of most cars, these days the air intake system of a modern car is well designed,

If you changed your airfilter for an aftermarket one, you may notice an improvement, this may be because your NEW aftermarket filter has replaced your OLD (dirty, restrictive) stock one, if you were to compare like for like (new with new), you may not notice any difference, exept, the aftermarket "performance" filter is louder

Because the "performance" filter is louder it can give the illusion of better performance (placibo effect)

In defence of aftermarket performance filters, a K&N filter can last for 1000s of miles without restricting the airflow as much as a stock filter might (can last longer without needing changed) you must balance this against the expense of a K&N (sometimes 5 times the price of a pattern, stock air filter)

So if you want a bit more noise buy a K&N or pipercross panel filter, (approx £30) if you want to keep the car quiet, stick with the stock filter or pattern OEM air filter (from £6) i change mine every 6 months (whatever Ford recommends)

PS - in an independent test, a K&N increased the power by 2Hp, to put this in perspective, Bluefin claim to boost the 2.5T to 260Hp!

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Thanks for the reply.

It does seem Bluefin are popular so will have a look at their sale and 260ps is what I'd roughly expect from a straight remap!

The reason for the K&N panel filter is just I had a Focus ST before with the Mountune 260 kit and turbo back exhaust.Part of the kit is a panel filter so I just assumed it would be the right thing to do on the Mondeo seeing as the engines are very similiar. Not after more noise (quite the opposite with the Mondeo) I just thought it would help the engine breath a little easier plus it will never need replacing.

Dreamscience are a well respected tuner on the ST Owners Club but no-one there has experience of the Mondeo.

My main concern with both Bluefin and others is that it will boost rapidly early in the rev range and make the car less driveable and put a strain on the drivetrain (Clutch & DMF mainly) and a lot of people suffered these problems on the Focus ST with some maps.

I remember being totally impressed with the Mountune remap because not only did it deliver more power it made the car nicer to drive and maintained a nice linear power deleivey (well for a turbo'd car anyway).

I'll keep looking and make some phone calls next week.

Thanks - Chris

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The thing about aftermarket panel filters is they have the same surface area as the stock filter, and on many engines, there are other parts of the system that restrict the power more (for example- the intake before the filter/ airbox)

the Mountune 260kit fot the Focus ST offers the same power increase as the Bluefin (260Hp) the bluefin is purely a remap with the stock phisical parts but the Mountune is a remap, a larger intercooler and a K&N panel filter

I don't have the price of the Montune kit but i think its quite expensive - the extra bits help to justify the price but dont actually increase the power any more than the bluefin remap (with its stock intercooler and air filter)

often, a remap (or tuning kits) improves the drivability of cars, yes, the extra power/ torque often puts the DMF/ clutch under more strain, especially if the car is restricted in the lower gears (as some cars are) and the remap lifts the restriction

Mountune offer higher levels of power with special manifolds, etc (at even more expense) for the ST 225 (that would probably fit the Mondeo mk4 2.5T) upto 350Hp (similar to RS spec) that would be interesting in the Mondeo!

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