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Mondeo Clutch Going???


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hi firstly im new here so hi to everyone,

i have a mondeo zetec 2L 04 reg and allthough my clutch isnt biting at the bottom it is low and seems to be harder and herder to get first gears once car is running it seems to slip in gears fine does this mean the clutch is going or is there some way of adjusting the clutch to get more life out of it im no mechanic but would say i know basics any help would be great thanks

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Zetec is a trim level, is it a petrol, or TDCI?

If its a diesel it has a hydralic clutch and cannot be adjusted

Normally (but not always) the DMF (dual mass flywheel) fails before the clutch, it is a big, expensive gearbox out job to fix

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Since 1998, it was a trim level. With 12 different petrol engines and 6 different diesel engines, (there is a list) Read right through the link you have supplied - from the part that reads- "Zetec name as a trim level"

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