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Hi guys-compliments on an excellent forum.

I have a 1996 Mk 2 Mondeo 1.8 Turbo diesel with 109000 miles on the clock.Just recently the clutch pedal has started to slip to the floor-only on first starting and not every time. After that it returns back to normal and operation is fine with no slipping or difficulty in changing gear.

I think it may be getting worse as the other day I had to pump it a couple of times.

I have topped up hydraulic fluid but only a small amount just to keep it on the max level.

I cant see any leaks but of course there is a engine weather protector panel under the car.

My local garage said it might be the slave cylinder on the clutch itself and said it could cost big bucks.

I was wondering- given the age and value of the car -how long is it likely to be before it fails completely and would bleeding the system help,any advice much appreciated

.BTW the brakes are fine

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If the slave cylinder is on the way out it'll be a matter of weeks! Most places say its a subframe off job to do but it is possible to change it without get a new clutch while its being done as well

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Check the master cylinder (behind the clutch pedal). There should be no sign of leaks at all. If there is any leak it needs changing. If it needs a slave cylinder and clutch it should cost under £400 all in. Obviously you have to decide if a 16yr old car is worth spending the money on!

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Thanks for replies guys-still running-touch wood.I had a quick fumble behind pedal-no major leakage but might be a bit greasy-will have a good look at weekend.Would it be possible for the master to fail internally-ie no visible leak?

Also I have realised the symptoms described above are more likely to happen the day after my daughters driving lesson-!!

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