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Ford S-Max Where Do These Hose Connects.

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We have nearly connected all the hose to our car but here are some hoses which are still haning around and not connected at one end.


Back end is connected to somewhere behind the engine and we don't know where the front goes in. I think its the hose 9F722 in pic 1

Part 2: AG9N-7B344-BA

can't find this part on the web but this pipe looks exactly as 7B344 here http://bilpart.ru/ford/parts/manufactur/ford/year/2008/model/130/group/1177497/shared/1

part could be: 6G91-7B344-BA

part 3: 6M21-U023A26-AG


Connects somewhere at the back and near gearbox i think. shown as <01523 here http://www.gb-auto.ru/part/6302


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