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Headphone Amplifer


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Hey guys not sure if Im posting this in the correct place or not, fingers crossed I am

I was wondering if anyone has used a headphone amplifer, or know of any amplifed headphones?

And if so are they any good?

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I have an older pda (hp1910), was part of a tomtom package, I put music and a film on it for the hell of it but felt the sound was very low...

maybe I should buy some cotton buds lol

So what is the power source? is it for in-car use (12v dc) home use (240v ac) or portable (some type of battery power)

Do you need to use headphones by choice, or would you prefer to feed the output of the PDA into another system (car stereo, home stereo, computer speaker system, etc)

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cheers for your replys so far guys :D

I have ordered a Fiio E05 from eBay, it has an internal rechargable battery. I was looking for something a bit more beefy, I seem to remember seeing something (all be it a bit larger back in the day) that had a 3.5 mm input and 3.5mm output and ran on a pp3 9 volt battery.

I use headphones in the flat when the neighbours are being a tad noisey... So I would also be intrested to see if there are any higher powered units available without paying through the nose...
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