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Getting Fuel Out Of My Old Megane


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Got a 03 plate megane which is a non runner. I've just bought a 2001 ford focus - really happy with it so far.

Issue is, my megane has a full tank of petrol - £77 worth!

I bought a hose thing from Halfords, but it doesn't really work, in 10 minutes I probably got 100ml out!

I'm not good with cars, is there an easy way to get petrol out, or is it best to get a mechanic or just leave it and cut my losses?

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if you cant manually syphon from the tank [quite possible it has an anti syphon within the tank] then can be pumped out by disconnecting fuel line, re routing to a seperate container, bypass the pump relay.

this can be lethally dangerous if maximum precautions aren't taken, so strongly recommend this is done by a pro..

dont take that lightly, health/life is worth a hell of a lot more than 70 notes.

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