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Mondeo Mk3 Auto Headlights/wipers Module


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Hi folks. I have a Focus Mk1 and I am retrofitting a MK3 Auto Headlights/Wipers module. Can anyone get me a wiring schematics for a Mondeo MK3 where this module is present. I have a retrofit schematic but I have some doubts because I already saw two contraditory schematics...

The module I have has 14 pins and is like this one:


I already saw several wirings from Autodata but I can't find this module that I believe that came with Mondeos from 2000 to 2005 at least...

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mmmm.Im looking at scematics for my mk3(2003-2007)& cant see anything like that mate.

just looked up 03L0A & comes up as electric mirror unit.????unless im lookin at somethin else.(polish website i think)translation's a bit mmm

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Behing ur mirror on windscreen is there a sensor? If u look from front of car,just where rear mirror joins screen part there is a little sensor. If one isnt there u dont have em.

Also on headlight switch theres normally a weird auto headlight symbol

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