Fault Code P0200 Eac Fail

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Have the eac fail problem tried loads of things up to now getting to the point of giving up changed numerous things pedal, throttle body etc etc still got the same problem as soon as i touch accelerator pedal get the eac fail and car goes into limp mode had codes read today by a very good garage had a few codes but all these cleared just left with one P0200 injector circuit malfunction which will not clear does this mean the loom that goes to the PCM wants changing ? if not does any one know what needs doing to rectify these problems help !!!!!! please !!!!!!!!!!! surely someone as had then solved this problem been on to ford main dealer today and spoke to a technician to see if they could shed any light on the problem,although he did say to fetch it in he also did not fill me with confidence he said they had one in last week with same problem the diagnostics pointed to the pcm after fitting a new one the problem was exactly the same not good as i say "Help"

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Hi Tommy.

Not really an expert here but these are the fault codes I have. Sincerely hopes this help without causing U any more problems :(

Error Description

P0201 through to P0212

Cylinder #1 through Cylinder #12 Injector Circuits.

The comprehensive component monitor (CCM)
monitors the operation of the fuel injector drivers in the PCM. The test fails
when the fuel injector does not operate electrically even though the harness
assembly and fuel injectors test satisfactorily. Faulty fuel injector driver
within the PCM. PID Data Monitor INJ1F-INJ12F fault flags = YES.

Based on the above I would say faulty injector ??? :unsure:

Best of luck


P.S. If U get it sorted will U please reply back on the forum so as to inform us.

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Hi, don't know if it will help anyone but just had to change injector seals on a 2005 1.4 Tdci Fiesta. Followed the advice of changing the fuel pipes with the priming bulb and also the leak off pipes from the injectors. Car went in to limp mode when accellerating and going over 2500 revs with code P0200. Finally found the problem to be the plastic non-return valve that links the leak off pipes with the fuel pipes. This was a new part as it comes with the Ford supplied fuel pipe assembly. This valve was u/s and allowed fuel pump relief pressure to go back to the injectors which caused the injectors to malfunction and cause the fault code. Replaced with the original one and all fine. To test you can blow through the faulty one in both directions which you can't with the good one.

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