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Turbo Problems... Help!!


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Hi fellow ford drivers, ive got a fiesta zetec s 1.6 tdci, wondering if anyone is able to help, my turbo recently blown & had a reconditioned one put in, had oil change & oil feed pipes changed. Drives fine but seems to be slower than before it blew, turbo seems sluggish & have to put my foot to the floor to gain power especially in higher gears which I didn't used to do before, any suggestions what it might be? Thanks

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What happened to the old turbo? did the seals fail and you had lots of oil smoke out the exhaust? Did the bearings fail and drop metal into the engine?

If it was just the seals you may have poisoned the catalytic convertor and the lambda sensors, these will affect the inputs to the ecu and hence power.

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If you have suffered from a blocked oil pipe the garage who fitted the new turbo should have carried out a thorough clean of the sump, oil pick-up and oil cooler. All the feed pipes and banjos are replaced with new.

They should be aware of the oil feed problems with this engine and clean it out before fitting the turbo.

If you feel there is something wrong take it back and complain.

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Hi , I've got a fiesta and oil light stays on for about 8 seconds after I've started it from cold , I've done new oil and filters twice with an engine flush on both occasions . I'm thinking of oil pick up pipe next . If I drop sump can I get to end of pick up pipe to clean , or am I wasting my time , any help will be brill . Paul

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