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Brake System Error


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Hi there,

I've been having an intermittent error message come up on the screen of my '09 MK7 Fiesta. It says Brake System Malfunction Stop Safely. It only flashes up for a second and the brakes seem to work fine, it's just started to come up almost every time now. Picture attached.

I bought the car from Hartwell Ford in Kidlington, and the bloke who sold it to me mislead me quite badly, he told me it had Air Con and also mis lead me on the extended warranty and gap insurance. It was my first car and I was just believed what he said so it was probably my own fault. I only mention this as due to this reason I'm loathed to take it to Ford as I don't really trust them not to rip me off again.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?

Thanks in advance,

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Unless your selling or really concerned I would leave it until it starts exhibiting physical problems.

Whilst I'm not a mechanic, I can only give you advice. From a safety point of view, id take it to Ford. If it's just a bad sensor that can be fixed. If you get hurt because the car doesn't, that's not as easily fixed.

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