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License To Kill

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I will post later when it's on iPlayer, but really worth the watch.

Annoys me how people use the roads as race tracks, and this program highlights it. They hang around in packs, speeding around and taking others with them. They need putting down before they kill people >.<

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I watched it and was appalled at the lack of respect they showed other road users, while we do have unofficial car meets in Rotherham, they are more the kind of meet to show of your motor/sound system.

It's unfortunate that the few tar the many in this respect, but i'm a firm believer that in the case of what I saw on the programme, the police should have the power to impound any and all vehicles in the area.

My reason behind this, is that the show offs that cause all the problems are only doing this for their audience, and if there's a chance that innocent drivers will have their cars impounded they will simply move on, or away from the area, so if there's no audience, they've no-one to show off to.

And lastly, anyone caught in these illegal races, should have their licence revoked and be made to re-sit their test no matter how long they've been driving

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I've just watched this a very moving and well made programme, certainly makes you think. The session with students is probably the way to go.

I have been driving over 30 years and guess I know what speed is safe, but to be honest it probably isn't always, but I would never do 70 in a 30 limit like the aspiring footballer, but credit to him for letting them film his arrest etc.

Also I really do wonder why we don't teach learners how to handle a skid or control a back end slide, that poor girl might then still have her boyfriend.

Not sure about the limiting new drivers speed to 45 however 'cause once the period is over they will be practically starting from scratch again. Surely better to teach them how to handle speed in the correct manner and at the correct time.

There will be many different views about the issues in this film and how to solve them and no doubt this thread will see some of those aired. Unfortunately there is no simple or single answer,ifonly there was.

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What I do disagree with though, is saying the test needs changing because too many dangerous people get through - no, too many immature people get through, the test is to see if someone CAN drive safely, not if they WILL.

Limiting speed won't work, it doesn't in New Zealand lol, far too many people 'loose' their plates, and they speed anyway whenever they feel like it.

I feel that these kinds of speeds and actions need cracking down on more though, in America it's no tolerance. Instead why don't they head to race tracks and drag strips? Again, in America a lot of police departments have cars for going on drag strips where they race the locals, rather than having it done on the road. Sorry, but you don't need to race on a road.

I know what my car can handle, and yes it's usually a good deal more than the posted speed limit, but the road isn't empty like a race track, other people use the roads, or animals; and then there's debris and poorly maintained roads as well. So that extra speed I can handle, is based on nothing else being there, and it's selfish to go ahead and do so. Just really annoys me, take it to the track if you want to race.

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Didn't see it, but completely understand where you're coming from.

There's a bypass around the village I live in, with two 1 mile long straight roads separates by a roundabout. Youths in Saxos and the like gather up there in the early hours hooning up and down with no regard for anyone else who may be using the road. Tyre marks all over the place are a dead give away!

I don't even think its inexperience that can be used as an excuse, it's purely a 'two fingers up to the rules' mentality.

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Agreed, they just don't care about anything else other than themselves. I mean there's having fun having a blast on a country road within the speed limits as being one thing, but what they're doing is damn right dangerous. It ends up pushing everyone's insurance up too. It's meaning all younger drivers end up with high insurance due to idiots like that >.<

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