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Car Tax And Part Ex Etiquette


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I am a week from threading on my old 307 for my Focus TitX and, having never done this before, am wondering if I should leave the tax on, which I bought last month, or take it off and get the rebate?

Deal was done over the phone with a Ford dealership and only the condition and mileage of the car was asked for, no mention of tax in the deal, but not sure if it is assumed?

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I would keep the Tax as well , i have never seen a dealer sell a car with tax they always make you tax the car.

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Yeah, keep the tax. If nothing was mentioned, then you don't have to give it up.

When my dad part ex'd his car once, the dealer phoned him up later that day complaining that he'd taken it, and demanded that he give it back as he'd already found a buyer for the car with the tax.

Bearing in mind the tax was worth £200 and the car was only worth £800, this would make quite a difference.

The main thing is that the dealer assumed the tax was included, however no mention of it was made. The guy had no legal comeback, so my dad pocketed the money.

Had you signed an invoice or something saying that tax was included, however, that is a different matter, but since you haven't then just keep it!

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If I sell/part ex a car I have to take the disk off it by law, as mines taxed 'Disabled', and can only be used by a disabled person and their carer.

I've never let the tax go with a car in the 46 years I've been driving, unless there was less than a month left on it

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