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Iphone 4S And Sync


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It seems i'd get a more funcitonal experience if I used my iPhone 4S via the USB connection instead of purely via bluetooth. By this I mean you get feedback on the LCD display and the voice-commands you can use are greatly increased compared to using BT.

When I use BT I have no problems at all but when I plug my iPhone into the USB socket and press the aux button to change to USB I can't get it to work. I've tried to play music but neither the controls on my phone or the controls on the car work. Sometimes it doesn't play at all, other times I can see the track counter moving up and the seek bar moving on my phone but I don't get any sound coming out the car Speakers, other times the sound comes from the iPhone speaker.

I've played about moving the output of the phone between dock and sync and only sync seems to work.

The whole USB\iPhone side of things seems a bit flaky. What's everyone ele's experience of this?

Also do Ford release updates for the Sync system? Do we get notified of updates or is there somewhere I can go to see what the latest version is and download an update?


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Do you use the Y cable to connect your phone?

By that I mean the cable with a usb on one end and iphone/3.5 plug on the other end?

If not you need either that cable or carry out the firmware update that allows connection with just the i phone cable.

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I just used the phones USB cable, didn't think i'd need any other sort of cable for it to work.

Is this firmware update you mentioned something that's just been released? I only got the car last week and its new so shouldn't it already have the latest firmware update installed?

Cilve do you know what version this firmware update is? If so i'll see if I can work out how I check what version I have installed.

Also where do I go to see what the latest firmware is and also download it?

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Having no ability or need to do a firmware update I can't advise further on that, others here are more au fait with that.

I am sure though that your first option is to try the Y cable-


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Thanks for the info Clive, i'm going to purchase a Y cable as you suggested.

Do you have any information or websites with details on the Firmware update you mentioned? How did you find out about it? I want to pass the details on to the dealer and see if they can provide it but as I said above I would have thought the car would already be running the latest Firmware, unless it's just come out.

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There are topics somewhere on the forum that discuss the updates in depth and have links to the correct dsta.

Can't find them at the moment, i'm away from my computer.

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Thanks very much for digging those links out. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’ve updated sync since November last year and that update was only for improved “energy management”.

The update that added support for the Apple USB cable was actually released in October 2011 so I’m assuming I’m at least running that version but most likely the November 2012 release.

So it seems that you can’t use iPhones with the Ford Sync just using the standard USB cable and have to purchase an extra Y cable. Hopefully this will sort out why I couldn’t hear anything coming out the car Speakers although I was having other issues such as sync\iphone not responding or very sluggish performance when plugged into the USB port which I don’t believe this extra cable will fix.

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When i first got my focus (March 2013) i used a Y cabel to connect it to SYNC, after a while problems rose with SYNC not working, so what i did instead was use just a normal USB cable from apple or an USB cabel to 30 doc connector.

After i used this i have had no issues with SYNC at all. ( i also have an iPhone 4s)

Hope this helps

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James I am currently using a normal apple USB cable with my iPhone. When it's plugged into the usb port i've been unable to get it to work at all. No sound, locking up or stuttering on the phone screen, play/pause button not working.

I've ordered a Y cable hoping that it might sort out at least the sound problems but from what you say you've had a better experience using the standard USB cable?

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Hi folks, i've had exactly the same problems. In my previous car it was a case of just plugging in my iPhone 5S to my stereos USB plug and away I go! No problems at all. Now I've just purchased a Focus 61 plate (reg July 2011). I connected my iPhone (using the standard usb to lightening cable) but have not been able to get any sound from the car Speakers. Track info, song choice and album choice is all available in the display, I just can't get any sound. It's really frustrating! I purchased a Y-cable and a 30 pin to Lightening adaptor thinking it would work but still the same problem - no sound.

I've read on this board that a Sync update will resolve this issue and allow me to use just my standard USB to Lightening cable. Is there any truth in this? I have been trying to register with the Sync website but it WILL NOT accept my car VIN number. If I could just get passed this barrier I can do the update myself!

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ews.

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Hi Ews

Did you or anyone else manage to sort this ?

I have bought a Mondeo 2010 and when I connect my iPhone 5S (ios 8.1) via USB I can browse everything but hear no sound.

It appears that I cannot update the firmware myself as the online software only appears to be for American users.

I haven't tried Y cable yet but have been put off my your attempts.

Does anyone have any help for this ??



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