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Samsung Freesat Hd And Sony Freeview Hd Twin Tuner Recorders


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Well i got myself a Samsung Freesat HD twin tuner hard drive recorder it has a 500gb hard drive, with the twin tuners i can record 2 channels simultaniously while watching a previous recorded programme

It recieves all the Freesat channels including all the HD Freesat channels, and can record and playback on full HD 1080P

Samsung is now one of the market leaders in AV and mobile phone etc technology

This is one of the best of these boxes available and compares favorably with the Humax box and recieved a 5-star raiting from What -HI-FI and video

This joins my 500gb Sony Freeview HD recorder which also has twin HD tuners and can record / playback in 1080p HD and also has a two hour buffer and can pause, rewind and record live TV,

I have a Sony 1080p HD tv that also recieves freesat HD, and can record onto my 2TB hard-drive the Sony freeview box can also connect to the 2TB hard-drive, to backup

The Sony box integrates nicely with the Sony tv, the box remote control works the tv, and the box and tv "talk" to each other via HDMI (for example if you switch the tv off, the box also switches off)

Between the Freeview HD and Freesat HD channels i get all available free channels on both platforms (there are some on one and not the other)

And i can record 5 simultanious channels between the tv and two boxes, and watch 2 of them simultaniously (picture in picture) i can record series with a total of 3TB (approx 3000mb) of storage

Im getting rid of all my old AV gear (its mostly obsolete now) i may also get a Blue-ray recorder, (i have a Samsung Blu-ray player for now) mostly i will get rid of all the standard- def stuff (PS - i don't like 3D so i plan to keep my present setup for a while)

And the mest thing about it - there is no monthly subscription- All the Freesat/ Freeview/ HD channels are Free!

i may post a list of all the Freesat/ HD And Freeview HD channels to see how they differ

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List of available Freesat channels -




Channel 4

Channel 5

BBC Three

BBC Four


BBC Alba

ITV1 +1 (England + Wales only))


ITV2 +1


ITV3 +1

ITV4 +1

ITV1 HD (England and Wales only)

S4C Digidol (Wales)

Channel 4 + 1


E4 +1


More4 +1

Channel 4 HD

4 seven (Channel 4 repeats)

Channel 5 + 1


5USA +1


5* +1

CBS Drama

CBS Reality

CBS Reality +1

CBS Action

Horror Channel

Horror Channel +1

BET Black Entertainment TV

BET + 1

True Entertainment

Men & Movies

Pick TV


BBC News

BBC Parliament

Sky News

Al Jazeera English


France 24

RT Russia Today

CNN International

Bloomberg TV (Finance News)

NHK World HD (News from Japan - HD)

CNBC Europe

CCTV News (China Central Television)

Film 4

Film4 +1

True Movies 1

True Movies 2


Movies4Men + 1

UMP Movies

Showcase TV

Information TV

Food Network

Food Network +1

Fashion 1

The Active Channel

Chart Show TV

The Vault



B4U music



Clubland TV

Massive R&B

Vintage TV

Heart TV






POP Girl

Tiny Pop


Psychic Today

Sony SAB


Daystar TV

Revelation TV

Islam Channel

GOD Channel

Sonlife TV

TBN Europe


price-drop tv

bid tv

Pitch TV

Pitch World

Gems TV

TV Shop

Jewellery Maker

JML Direct

JML Living

Ideal Extra

The Deal Channel

Ideal World

Create and Craft

Jewellery Channel

QVC Beauty

Rocks & Co 1

Gems TV Extra

Argos TV

Thane Direct

High Street TV


Playboy TV Chat

On Demand

BBC iPlayer

ITV Player

Box Office 365

950 - 971 - Other BBC Regions

Channel 4 London (Channel 4 with Audio Description)

Channel 4 London +1 (Channel 4 with Audio Description)

ITV London

Freesat Info

List Updated: April 2013. .


Freesat HD:

BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV1 HD, Channel 4 HD and NHK WORLD HD

Freesat radio station channel list :-

700 BBC Radio 1

701 BBC Radio 1 Xtra

702 BBC Radio 2

703 BBC Radio 3

704 BBC Radio 4

705 BBC Radio 5 Live

706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

707 BBC 6 music

708 BBC Radio 4 Extra

709 BBC Asian Network

710 BBC Radio 4 LW

711 BBC World service

712 BBC Radio Scotland

713 BBC Radio nan Gaidheal (Gaelic)

714 BBC Radio Wales

715 BBC Radio Cymru (Welsh)

716 BBC Radio Ulster

718 BBC Radio London (Only available in London)

719 Capital FM

720 Choice FM

721 Classic FM

722 Gold

723 XFM London

724 Absolute Radio

726 Absolute 80s

728 WRN Radio

729 Jazz FM

730 Planet Rock

731 talkSPORT

732 Smooth Radio

733 Heart

750 RTE Radio 1

751 RTE Radio 2fm

752 RTE Radio Lyric FM

753 RTE Raidio na Gaeltacta

777 Insight Radio

786 BFBS Radio

790 TWR (Trans World Radio)

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Freeview Channel List: (Scotland)

001 BBC One Scotland

002 BBC Two Scotland

003 STV / ITV Border

004 Channel 4

005 Channel 5

006 ITV2

007 BBC Three



009 BBC Four


010 ITV3


012 Dave

013 Channel 4+1

014 More 4

015 Film 4


016 QVC

017 Really

018 4Music

019 Yesterday

020 GOLD (Top Up TV) 1100-1400 Mo-Th, 1200-1400 Fr

021 VIVA

022 Ideal World


023 Bid

024 ITV4

025 Dave Ja Vu

026 Home 1100-1200 Fri

027 ITV2+1

028 E4

029 E4+1

030 5* 0600-0000

031 5 USA 0600-0400

032 Movie Mix

033 STV+1 / ITV Granada+1 (Border)

034 ESPN (BT/Top Up TV)

035 QVC Beauty 0800-1300

036 Create and Craft 0600-2200

037 Price Drop 0800-0200

038 Quest

039 The Zone 1800-0600

040 Rocks & Co 1 1300-1800

041 Sky Sports 1 (BT/Top Up TV)

042 Sky Sports 2 (BT/Top Up TV)

043 Gems TV

044 Channel 5+1

045 Reserved for Local TV services Not on air yet

046 Challenge

047 4seven

048 Food Network UK

049 The Jewellery Channel

050 Marketplace 0700-1100

055 Argos TV 1800-2300

Children’s TV -

070 CBBC 0530-1857

071 CBeebies 0530-1857

072 CITV 0600-1800

News -

080 BBC News

081 BBC Parliament

082 Sky News

083 Al Jazeera English

085 RT

087 Community 0200-0800

Freeview HD -

(Requires a compatible receiver with DVB-T2 tuner).

101 BBC One Scotland HD

102 BBC Two HD

103 STV HD or ITV HD (Border)

104 Channel 4 HD

For over 18s -

170 Adult Section

171 TVX 0000-0400

172 Smile TV2 0000-0500

173 Smile TV3 2200-0500

174 Babestn 2300-0445

175 PARTY 0000-0700

176 Blue 0400-0500

177 Babestn2 0500-0600

180 xxXpanded TV 0000-0530

199 Adult section

Text Services -

200 BBC Red Button

201 Holidays TV

202 Rabbit

203 Gy Rabbit

204 1:1 Dating

206 Sky Text

Streaming Channels

These channels require a compatible receiver and a broadband internet connection. -


226 CCTV

227 Sports Tonight

228 Christian+

229 Connect 2

230 VISION2 suspended

231 Racing UK

232 The Space

233 (Showcase, coming soon)

234 Connect 4

235 God TV

236 Sony SAB


301 BBC Red Button 301

302 BBC Red Button 302 placeholder

303 303

305 Top Up TV Anytime 1

306 Top Up TV Anytime 3

307 Top Up TV Anytime 5

308 Top Up TV Anytime 6

Radio -

700 BBC Radio 1

701 BBC R. 1Xtra

702 BBC Radio 2

703 BBC Radio 3

704 BBC Radio 4

705 BBC Radio 5 Live

706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

707 BBC Radio 6 music

708 BBC Radio 4 extra

709 BBC Asian Network

710 BBC World service

711 The Hits

712 Smash Hits

713 KISS

714 KISSTORY new

715 Magic

716 Heat

717 Smooth Radio

719 BBC Radio Scotland

720 BBC R. Nan Gaidhael

722 Kerrang!

723 TalkSPORT

724 Capital FM

725 Premier

727 Absolute Radio

728 Heart

790 Test

791 Q radio


(Last updated: 07/05/2013) 

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holy crackers! lol, you get a lot for your dough!

So how much did it cost and where did you get it from?

I have to agree Samsung are excellent. Compared to the days of the d900i which was "just aother phone" and now, as one of the market leaders in smart phone technology, its easy to see why they are improving!

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I bought the Samsung freesat HD recorder and Sony Freeview HD recorders Seconndhand on eBay they were boxed in exellent condition and i paid about £120 each for them (i love a bargain!) the Samsung costs about £250 new , and the Sony a bit less, these models are about 2 years old now so the prices are coming down (the latest models are more internet- focussed like u-tube and on demand like 4od BBC i-player, features i don't need, the core HD/ Freesat/ Freeview features are very similar)

Like Kia and LG, Samsung is a Korean company, and are rapidly overtaking the Japanese for market share and having the cutting edge technology products - exept for Kia cars - they make one that is the "spitting image" of a Focus, (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) - but they still don't ride/ steer or handle as good as a Focus though - some of their old models were the ugliest cars ever- so they have improved a lot - but not "up there" yet IMO

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coming as an ex ceed owner, they arent all the prettiest but they are pleasant and reliable. the latest gen ceed is the focus in a lot of ways but I must disagree on the performance. they handle exceptionally well, but without driving the latest gen of both, I cant say f there is a great difference right now. but I agree, the koreans are storming the markets and really are pitting good lucks along with trusted quality against the rivals

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My ex just bought a Kia Rio, its a great looking car with it almost being a copy of the Focus - its black and parked next to a Black Focus st225 - and i confess it looked sharper/ more modern than the ST :( (the old ones were some of the ugliest cars on the road IMO!) but the ride is very hard and it bounces over bumps etc, ive not actually driven it but from the reviews say dynamically its not as good steering/ handling wise (as a "drivers" car) as a Focus/ Fiesta, it was a lot cheaper though, and she got a great deal on it, and it has 7-years anti-corrosion warrantee

I like to believe that for a "sporting driver" the equivelent Ford would have the edge in steering feel/ handling

For example my ex wouldent notice the difference (between the handling of a Ford Vs Kia) but i would :)

I think the C'eed is a better drivers car than the Rio, and with them bieing such good value they are growing harder to ignore even for loyal Ford owners (exept me - im keeping my Ford forever :lol: )

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lol, definately agree, the 7 year warranty is the deal clincher in a lot of circumstances.

anyway, its good to see that the korean's are catching up on a lot more!

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