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New Key For 2011\2012 Ford Mondeo

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I have recently purchased a ford mondeo but it only came with 1 key (fob where the metal key part flips out). Ford dealer are very expensive to get a spare key. So I am looking at buying blank from eBay. I can get cut from local key cutter but have the below concerns.

1. Which key fobs are compatible with my Ford Mondeo Zetec 1.6 2011 (registered in 2012)?
2. Do I need the master key or will the original key I have ok (i am not sure if mine is master)?

3. If i program myself will the immobileiser also be setup on the key?
3. What are the pitfalls of doing the programming myself?


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You will find that programming a key is not something you can do yourself.

Self programming on Fords was possible up until about 2004 but even then only with two original keys to unlock the learning mode.

Now keys can only be added with the use of an IDS module (Ford or auto locksmiths).

Your best and cheapest option would be to source your own key and call a few locksmiths for the best prices.

By you saying your key is a flip type i'd assume it's not a keyfree system in your car?

I'll have a hunt around for key options for you to start with.

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1. The key i have is not a keyfree, It is a remote flip key fob where you press a button and the metal key swings out.

I have read you can program the key yourself and the steps are in the manual? Is that incorrect or i have missunderstood? see link http://www.mirez.co.uk/KeyProg.htm

2. I am therefore assuming I can source the key myself and then find a lock smith that can program for me? One cheaper than ford?

3. If you can answer the above and provide key options would be much appreciated.


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Where did you buy the car from dealer or private. Most of the time u need 2 coded keys to code a 3rd so if u only have 1 then it's prob gonna be expensive as the whole system will need wiping and new codes put in the car and current key and then the new key.

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I spoke to ford and the mondoes only comes with 2 keys for the model i have. I have heard of a third key but on 2 separate calls to 2 different people i was told only 2 keys are given.



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As in my first message, Ford used to allow self-programming for extra keys to aid fleet management of company/hire cars etc but from 2004 onwards removed the self-programme ability and made it so that keys can only be added with an IDS unit.

This is the fob style you need-


I've had a good look on eBay and no new Mondeo fobs are coming up however I have found a workaround of sorts.

But this and discard the lock barrel and pre-cut blade on the key-


Buy a replacement blank blade which should look exactly like this one-


Using your existing key you can get a new compatible blade cut by this eBay trader-


The blade shape is particular to the newer Mondeo fobs so this style will fit.

Then find an Auto Locksmith in who will connect up their IDS to your cars data port (OBD) and add the keys transponder chip code to the cars immobiliser (PATS) and RCL circuit to the central locking system so that it will unlock and start the car.

I added a flip key to my Focus when I first got it so I now have 3 keys to my car, total cost was about £60 including the price of my flip key although that was mates rates as I recommend the Locksmith to quite a few people in the South West.

You may be looking at about £80 for cutting and programming (that's why it's a good idea to ring around) but put it this way, Ford will charge about £135+ for a complete fob with an uncut blade, £160+ for a cut key and £20+ for an uncut blade or about £50+ for a cut one by itself (no fob).

Then Ford will charge about an hours labour £85+ to programme your new key although it takes literally 2 minutes with an IDS module to do.

If it's any use to you here are the Ford recognised Finis (parts) codes for parts should you go to a dealer for a key/parts of.

Key fob with cut blade, Finis - 1743830. (£160+)

Fob with uncut blade, Finis - 1743826. (£135+)

Key blade alone uncut, Finis - 1743832. (£20+)

Key blade alone cut, Finis - 1743833. (£50+)

Also add the price of a new roll pin to hold the blade to the fob - Finis - 1743831 (£10+)

So for a new key to be supplied, cut and coded by Ford you'll be looking at about £245 at least compared to my option which will be about £44 plus coding so about £120ish.

Second hand key not looking too expensive now is it? ;)

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