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Repair Signs?

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Hi All

New here, but a Ford owner for the last 21 years or so - never had anything else.

I have been lucky to date, either talking cars from family or purchasing new so I always know the history of the cars I drove.

After a spate of expensive repairs on my 07 plate Focus, I bit the bullet and made a hasty purchase of an 11 plate Mondeo Tit+ at my local franchised dealer who repaired the Focus.

Within an hour of picking it up, it appeared the o/s rear door had been (badly) repaired. Fair play to the Dealer - back it went and a week later it was all fine.

I thought I should have a closer look all round and spotted a two-tone front bumper and also these odd markings under the bonnet (an "S" above the n/s shock and a white spot on something I cant tell what it is. Pic below


The car has only done 13k miles, so all relatively clean - I wondered if these markings are likely to be original or a sign of repaired parts? They just jumped out at me as odd.

Any guidance appreciated.


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I'd say the S refers to a replaced suspension strut, nothing to worry about unless the car crabs.

The other spot is on the MAF sensor coming from the air filter box, I'd say nothing to worry about either.


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Thanks Clive - just frustrating that I had trusted the dealer to be honest with me.

Car drives lovely - delighted with it. Just feel a little cheated about its condition.

Next up is a root around on the Forums to understand the Convers+ Roms (currently 1217) and what can/cannot be accommodated on the GEM.

Appreciate the swift response.

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