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indicator stopped working on one side HELP


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I have a 2000 focus 1.8. This morning on my way to work i heard a bang and could smell some burning which i now think was probably coming from inside the car and my right hand indicator isn't working as a result. The left one works perfect but the right one makes a faster indicator ticking noise but there is no light on the dash to show i'm indicating and none of the front, back and side indicators flash on that side. Any help would be great. Cheers, Dan

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A relay is only a bi-metallic strip that opens and closes when a small voltage is applied, so there's nothing that can really make it explode. The worst that normally happens is that the contacts oxidise and can sometimes get stuck closed.

I'd d/c the battery and check a few things over before going any further. An audible bang and burning smell would have me checking the fuses and bulbs as well, to be on the safe side.

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Where are you in Barnsley, I dont mind meeting up and having a look at it with you.

Really greatfull for the offer of help but i have had it to an auto electrician today whos sorted it. It was the flasher unit and hazard lights combined or something like that which had burnt out for some reason. I'm also having trouble with my central locking and he's told me its 2 door motors that need replacing. Guna cost me £250 at end of month to have that sorted.

Thanks again for your help. Cheers, Dan

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