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It has come to the attention of the Forum staff that the level of swearing and reliance on the swear filter has increased.

The filter is in place to save the moderation team having to censor and edit all posts.

Just because the filter is in place the use of profanity is not acceptable.

Remember, the Forum Staff can see what you have written even through the filter.

Swearing, profanities and overly suggestive posts will not be accepted and may result in posts being removed without notification and in extreme cases may result in posting rights of offending Members being restricted.

Please keep this Forum child and work computer friendly.

Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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This is a further reminder on top of Stoney's comments above.

More and more users are posting and having swear words removed from the filter. Whilst the filter is there as a catchment to prevent the words being seen, we still dont want to see "!Removed!" in posts.

This is a family friendly forum and all content should remain to be seen as such. If you do not want your children to see or say the words you are putting in your post, dont put them there!

This is also extended to the use of imagery, whilst we all like to find a funny picture now and then, again we need to ensure that they are family friendly. If you do not want to explain to your child what the content of a picture is, do not include it in your post.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact any of the active moderators you see. We can be identified by our yellow banners displaying "Staff" or "Management" under our profile pictures to the left of a post.

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Further to this, I would like to remind all members (new and old) of the rules of the forum.

Swearing is not permitted, regardless of the automatic removal of common swear words, just because this has happened does not mean it is acceptable. Please all take a few moments to review what you write and ensure that no language is obscene and inappropriate.

Also to add to the inappropriate nature, we have had to remove additional words from some long standing members, where we have seen the blatant use of inappropriate words, not suitable for the school, home, work, child or talking to your mother language. Whether these are insinuated by posts one following another, or a poor choice of language in a single post, please observe the request to keep the site clean across the general forum. If you wish to have such threads, please partake in the subscribers area, where our rules are more laid back.

Finally, whilst we have recently tried to accommodate and be relaxed with general use, you may find you receive cautionary messages from the moderation team if we feel your content is not abiding by the spirit or the rules of the forums.

These messages are in the first instance dropped as a courtesy, and moderation stage if leaving notes on the public forum will not target individuals if we feel the topic is slipping, its addressed as a courtesy to all participants, that the thread may need to be toned down to prevent further potential spiral of the thread, or prevent offence to any individual.

Any personal concerns addressed by moderation staff will be carried out in private message.

Please note, we want you all to enjoy the forums, we are not as moderation staff getting power trips or thrills from pushing this on you all, but at the end of the day there is something if this forum that invites you all to return daily or weekly, or hourly even, and we are trying to ensure we maintain this environment for your reading pleasure.

If you have any questions or concerns, please raise them to any of the moderation team, and a reminder to all if you wish to make a complaint surrounding a moderator, you can drop a message to Stef123 as forum manager, JamesM182 as site manager and administration, or Steve as site owner.

PLEASE take this reminder, appreciate it's for everyone's benefit and keep the atmosphere you love and return to going forward. We won't hang people for a single mistake, we have let many things slip but you may find we focus on this further and contact individuals more frequently.

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