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Nothing Like A Close Shave

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Another chap dropped his current bun he was eating when driving, then crashed his car (drove off the road) while retrieving it, then addmitted it all in court, thinking he would not be prosecuted because he was not on his 'phone! d-oh!

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Classic without due care.

I see people eating pasties/burgers/subways and holding drinks while steering with their elbows.

They then look dumfounded when i pull them over.

Reminds me of the guy in America that set his cruise control then climbed into his back seat.

After the inevitable crash he sued the car manufacturer and won because the handbook didn't state he had to stay at the wheel.

I think thumbs are wasted on some people. :d

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i see people with a mobile in the hand all the time whilst driving, really makes me angry. just wish i could sit with a HD camera, records them all and send it to the police to get them prosecuted but i know it doesnt work like that. same with people cutting me up on roundabouts and dual caraigways - you can see it happening and then they do it. its a daily occurence and there's never a copper around to see it. one time there was the cops didnt do nothing, i was livid.

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As a driver of an automatic, I believe that, whilst I wouldnt be given any immediate release from such offences, any officer who tugged me would be a little more "relaxed" about the situation, as I could still have all control over the vehicle at all times with just one hand, unlike those of you who have manual mobiles.

I will be honest, I do on an extremely rare occasion drink at the wheel (non alcoholic, but a quick swig of a drink) or, I may pick a bite out of a sandwhich and set it back down. I know that any officer who tugs me for it, will be well within his rights to excercise a ticket for it. I wouldn't dream of doing any more than the above.

As for Clive, how did I miss that American one :p that is legendary!

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The phone thing is just bang out of order, really bad. Eating whilst driving although it limits your attention and reaction, i can understand the stresses of life and pressure from work can really put a serious strain on people to eat or drink whilst driving.

Sad but true and i do understand, shaving though... really...

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