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You had a TT and you gave it up?? ARE YOU MAD!

I lurve the TT. The new shape is even better. It is my ideal car and I would have got it if I had the money and the kids allowed me! :lol:

Jan, are you getting confused with the Audi TT?

Mine was a Vauxhall Astra twintop ---if I'd had an Audi I wouldn't have got rid of it.......ever!!!

Well, only for a newer one anyway.

I've bought the Fiesta mainly to tide me over until the economic situation improves then I'll probably go for something more powerful and more flash! :lol:

I quite like the new Cooper S cabriolet and also the new Audi TT roadster but at the moment it's all a question of cash or lack of it anyway.............. ;)

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Mini Cooper S - good or bad?

Wanted one badly but insurance is a bum as im only 19!

Only comment I've had is that they are hard to reverse as apparently the window is small or something?


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Mini Cooper S - good or bad?

Wanted one badly but insurance is a bum as im only 19!

Only comment I've had is that they are hard to reverse as apparently the window is small or something?


Out of all the cars I've had I loved that one the most.

Why did I sell it I hear you ask?

Well, at that time, Janet and I were moving to a bigger house and I figured that 13.5k tied up in a car would be better put to use in a house.

Oops, four years later, I wish I'd kept the car--probably would have been worth the same as the house!

Seriously though, it had loads of extras as I'd specced it to the highest level I could afford and it was a seriously fast car.

Insurance group is 16/17 so whilst not a drastic problem for me (still £500+) at your age it would be thousands I'm afraid.

If you ever get one don't worry about reversing as you could always have sensors fitted but then again what are bumpers for?

Just kidding...in answer to your question..no hesitation..not good..........just bl**dy fantastic!

If I had the money available I'd be on the phone to Sytners Leicester (my local Mini dealer) now to order a brand spanker......there would only be one problem......cooper s hatch or cabriolet?

Now that is the sort of problem I could put up with any day........ ;)

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passed third time at 17 which was in an astra 1.7TD my own car from then on had a saxo 1.4 automatic(Tin can) then a 106 1.4 diesel(40hp) which was slower than a horse to a Peugeot 306 Dturbo Stage1 tuned to a fiesta 1.25 which i have now :)

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I passed when I was 18, 2 fails (going too slow, going too fast) and then past on my third..

Now through driving for 13yrs, the cars I've had are:

Yellow 950cc Fiesta Popular Plus

White Orion 1.6i Ghia

Red Vauxhall 1.8Di (Company Car)

Dark Blue Orion 1.4i LX

Light Saph Blue Focus 1.6 Zetec

And now my Panther Black ZS120

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i passed my test a month after my 17th birthday, only because i was just finishing my basic training with the army, passed my bike test on my birthday, both licenses through the army. i have a few others aswell. by the time i was 17 and 3 months i could drive artic trucks and a challenger main battle tank! :D

my first car was a BMW 316i 4door with an alpina bodykit and wheels, tuned engine and suspension. (G634 PUE)

no.2 renault 19 1.4 saloon. (J770 UCY)

no.3 honda civic 1.4 3 door. (J161 NDD)

no.4 land rover series 3 2.5D 88inch (YOJ 148T)

no.5 mazda 323 1.3 4 door (B*** NUY)

no.6 back to the renault as the mazda died :lol:

no.7 VW golf mk2 GTi left hand drive with the big bumpers lowered and BBS multispokes (LIP ZZ 722)

no.8 ranger rover classic vogue 3.5litre V8 monster! running around 300 brake. (F30 XVG)

no.9 range rover 2.5VM diesel, off road beast. :D (H225 RDW)

no.10 ford fiesta flame 1.4 16v (still here and being modified)(BV05 OTB)

no.11 land rover discovery 300TDi lots of off road mods. (M221 LYP)

no.12 is on its way which will be another V8 range rover. (TBC)

and im only 21! :D

all my cars have been modified in some way or another, some more than others. since i bought my series three i have always run two cars, one being an off roader (the rangies etc) and the other being my road car. im currently looking for another rangie to replace the discovery tyhat i broke at the weekend! cant be bothered to just change the engine :lol:

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1.1 Fiesta mark ( only lower arms and stearing knuckle replaced in 7 years of owning one ) Done 125,000 miles in it and had a tree not stood in it's way the car would have gone further!

1.7TDI Vauxhall Cavalier ( 158,000 miles and nothing but problems with cheap glowplugs )

04 plate 1.4i mark 5 Fiesta ( was 3 years old when bought with 9000 miles on it and - touch wood, no problems to date)

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I was 17, 20 years ago now. Passed 3rd time lucky! - back then you had to wait a month between tests and no theory!

First car was an A reg Renault 5 - more rust than metal!, then -

A reg Polo

A reg Jetta

L reg Clio

Company cars

L reg Escort - my first Ford

P reg Escort - my first new Ford

T reg 406 - changed job

2002 406

2002 Mondeo - changed job again

2001 BMW 318i Touring - changed jobs yet again

2002 307

2005 Ford Focus

Now my own 2008 Fiesta 1.4TDCi Zetec Climate - job change once more

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i was 17 in august past in october with 2 minors i had a 306 but crashed it on the ice lol then a saxo bt that was the biggest mistake of my life now ive got a fiesta 1.25 and love it lol

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I passed on the 26th March 2009 :) first time at the age of 18. I was gutted I didnt pass when I was 17.

I started my first lesson on my 17th bday, 23rd August. I had always wanted to drive!

I have had 3 instuctors.... my first one moved to France after 10 lessons. It was the person my Mum learnt to drive with. Learnt in a Nissan Micra.... VILE! He was okay I s'pose.

I then went with this Scottish feller, about 5 lessons with him. Didnt like him at all, the only good thing about him was the fact he had a ford fiesta!

I then took a brake for 2 months until I found a new decent one. Think in total I had under 40 lessons with him. Learnt in a lovely Ford Fiesta (07 version) was lovely to drive. Was meant to go in for my test in the August but he got ill and as he was a private instructor there was nothing I could really do! Couldnt be bothered getting another instructor.

I then carried on having lessons with him then I did something to my leg and couldnt have lessons for a few weeks again BAD TIMES! :(

Then to make matters worse he got rid of the Fiesta, and then I had to learn in this Clio sport, which was rather nice but I missed my Ford Fiesta.

Done my thoery test April/May time last year I think... still dont know how I passed to be honest.

With my driving test I got 6 minors.... not bad I s'pose!

So made up to have passed, still trying to get over the fact at times when I am driving to college or what ever!

My first car was a Fiat Cinquecento.... you may laugh :lol: was an awful car which I got given at the age of 15, it died when I was 16, not that I was upset as it was AWFUL and in Pink... Yuk!

Bought a Ford Ka, it has been modified in some ways. Will post the pics up soon :) I love her and she is named Babybel, hense the user name!

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