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Shell Vpower Nitro+

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Has anyone tried this petrol?

I complelty used my tank and filled up with a 20 litres of this stuff to try it out.

My car is a 1.25 Mk6.5 Fiesta, seemed to me it made it faster and more responsive as well as a better noise from the engine.

Anyone else tried this?

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A lot of independant tests were done and there was no evidence found that it increased economy enough to justify the extra cost - it can increase performance, but more when used on high-performance/ modified cars like higher compression "tuned" engines and petrol-turbo engines running a lot of boost (and barely makes a difference to stock/ regular/ "ordinary" cars) and not more than other higher- octane "premium" fuels from other suppliers

Nitro+ is almont identical to the old V-power, its just mostly a rebranding/ hype - the fuel has a a slightly higher octane than regular fuel/ about the same as the old v-power, but with a little bit of added detergent - these things could be added (octaine boosters & cleaners) to "budget" fuel

+ you would need a lot more than changing the fuel to make a 1.25 Fiesta quick! - (like an ST engine transplant!) :lol:

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I use this fuel most of the time in my Focus ST but I have always used premium fuels so couldn't tell you how much of a difference it makes but as FOCA says, it is meant to make a little more difference on Petrol Turbo cars which is one of the reasons I use it. Certainly, the amount of pops and bangs I get does seem to vary depending on which brand of premium fuel is used.

To be honest though, I would say it is worth using a premium fuel just for the detergent content. It only costs a couple of quid difference on a full tank and negates the need to use any additional cleaners etc. On my last MOT my car scored 0 on the hydrocarbons test (you're allowed up to 200) but I'm not sure if this is relevant to my keeping everything 'clean' with good quality fuel but at a couple of quid a tank for a small bit of increased performance and a cleaner engine, I think it's worth using. :)

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Agree'd, for the odd tank to help give your car a cleanout, its a good thing, and after that, if you just run the likes of shell and its ordinary "fuelsave" or any other branded fuel, that has some detergents and other bits that help to keep your fuel system full and healthy in between. A tank of this juice on a small car when you run supermarket fuel will suffice to clean the engine a little and make it more responsive as you have noticed, but thats not so much giving it more, its just clearing out what was once there originally.

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I used to run the Super Unleaded all the time, when I owed a Puma 1.7 which was tuned & a Focus ST170 back then it was still < £1 a litre.

The only time I felt a major difference was with the Puma, when I chipped it on Super & went back to normal, the pick up out of junctions & on roundabout was dreadful.

The main thing super unleaded helps with is the carbon deposits on the back of the inlet valves, pottering around town is a major cause, taking the car on a high rev run or a road with tight corners & long strights, using the full revs, should help clear this, it will screw up your MPG if your trting to be Eco, but then if you don't your emissions go up.

I would agree with above posts, unless your using a a high powered engine, once every 3 tanks, would be a good idea.

Redex isn't cheap £7-8 a bottle & you put in ½ a bottle a tank, so couple of £'s at the pump, is cheaper option.

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