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Sony Sat Nav Problems

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I bought a new Fiesta Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 99bhp on 12/10/2013, which has the optional Sony Sat Nav. My main problem is that there is very limited information about how to use the satnav - just 2 pages in the Fiesta manual - so it is all trial and error. Main problems:

1) I can enter a postcode but there doesn't appear to be any way to enter house number, so the destination is imprecise.

2) After entering postcode there is a further field called "District" which would look a good candidate to enter house number, but it is not possible to enter any information into this field.

3) So far I have entered 7 character postcodes ok. Just tried to enter a 6 character postcode but it insisted on 7. However after 'fiddling about' I was able to enter the 6 character code but can't reproduce what I did.

The supplying dealer (Think Ford) was only able to confirm my observations, and Sony was no help as they insisted on having a model number which I don't know.

So has anyone else solved these problems (admittedly quite small in the context of a very good car) or can point me to a proper instruction manual.


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Would it be worthwhile taking a photo of the sat nav and emailing it to Ford? It is possible that they could identify the particular model from that. I would also be a bit stronger with the dealer that sold you the car - they must employ someone who could go through the workings with you! Lastly, there could even be a fault with your particular one.

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You might need to add a space inbetween the two sets of post code usinh the underscore symbol that only appears when required. Tbh most sat navs are self explanatory, district would be the town or county. Not all post codes require a door number n if you try to locate your destination by roads/town/junctions etc you can input a door number then. If you try by using post code it will not give the option for door number

Sent from my GT-I9300 using Ford OC mobile app

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I managed to suss sat nav bit involved but I did this,select destination/address pressed town to get postcode
pressed enter on abc to put in first two letters, pressed 123 to put in first two numbers
pressed space twice, then back to abc to put in second set of letters, pressed >2 for
searches found,, then select select to confirm destination, maybe if you try, could post
a wiki on our forum for other members ?

Regards huey45

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