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5000Bhp 350Mph Hypercar Revealed At Dubai Motor Show

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Looks mental but the brakes don't look all that confidence inspiring!! Looks more like a concept car and what is going on at the back!? :blink:

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I'd imagine it's estimated, without a turbine or ground effect downforce, I really doubt it could put that power down at all, never mind 1.8 seconds.

That said, those huge outlets at the back could be for a ground effect, but it would require a second engine to power it, look at the Redbull X2010/X2011 and possibly the X2014 which use a snow-mobile engine to power a turbine to lower the pressure under the car to create massive downforce. Ground effect is nothing new and has been used since either the 60's (Chaparral 2J), but is now becoming a little more efficient. However, the Redbull's are nothing more than a computer model, there isn't a functioning one as of yet. Plus the X series' have around the 1500bhp mark, and use slicks. I'd be sceptical at the ability to make this perform with just the tyres alone.

Then there's the brakes... I'd want the Space Shuttle's parachute system for brakes with all that power, I seriously doubt carbon ceramic would work at that high speed. Plus there's the rotational forces on parts, clutches, gearboxes... I'm very sceptical on this to say the least.

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