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Any Recommendations For A Dpf Removal/delete Outfit In Manchester??


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Hi guys.

Just as the title suggests, i'm looking for an experienced and trusted dpf delete/remap place in the Manchester/Stockport area. Must be a professional outfit (rolling road, clean bays, cars treated with respect) not some backyard bodge it outfit.

Need to know my p&j is going to a place where things are done properly! :)

Any suggestions guys?

With prices you paid at the time if possible.


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Hi dreadz.

Cheers mate. Remember your poet from a while back. Was it a proper setup with rolling road before and after remap??

Was it done within the day?

What did you pay if you dont mind me asking....

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Soz pal. Just skimmed your post and missed the important part! LOL

420 is very reasonable. :)

I have been given a price of 350 but the guy is mobile so im not touching that!

Want it doing in a controlled environment.

I will give them a ring ring at dinner and see what they say. Thanks bud.

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Just spoke to a lad called mike at "more-mpg" in crewe.

He's quoted me £350 for dpf removal (hollowing out), remap to suit AND egr delete too!

Cant go wrong with that price! Said 3-4 hours to complete.

Offered rolling road before/after for £50 extra aswel. Might do that.

Thanks again dreadz.

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Hahaha. Oh yeah. He did say plus VAT. Duuuuuhhh.

Still, 420 aint bad at all really. Will claw that back in increased mpg over the next couple of years anyway. :)

Not on facebook but going off their website, seems like a good outfit......

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good couple of lads too , wouldnt hesistate going back there!

get it done and see the smile come back when driving it-like a diffrernt car..although i'm used to it now lol

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Hi There exponential.

I hope you never went through with having your DPF removed because from the 1st of this month (February 2014) any car that's had it's DPF removed will fail it's MOT and wont be passed until it's been replaced.




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